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Why iOS 11 makes iPad awesome all over again

The iPad experience has always been mixed: mostly wonderment, but also a nagging feeling the device was being held back. On the positive side, iPad apps have been various degrees of revolutionary – within a few revisions, Apple’s tablet finds a lot of use in music-creation, reading, email, and games-playing around these parts. But we want more – for the iPad to replace the iMac for everythin...[Read More]

Sorry everyone: on the internet, you’re always the product

Anyone who spends much time online knows the saying: “If you’re not paying, you’re the product”. That’s not exactly correct. On the internet, you’re nearly always the product. And while most internet users know that some of their personal data is being collected and monetised, few are aware of the sheer scale of the issue, particularly when it comes to apps. In fact, our research suggests a majori...[Read More]

Forget the resolutions, kick off the new year with a few of these useful apps

New Year’s Resolutions are the latest fad to receive the app treatment. My social media timeline have been awash with apps promising to help you fulfil those annual do-better intentions. Instead of apps to help you achieve the unachievable, rather use some good apps that make your life easier and more productive. Every year, my personal favourite app is always Evernote. Evernote is a brillia...[Read More]

UberEats goes live in Joburg tomorrow

Look out Mr Delivery, here’s UberEats, the food delivery service the car-hailing service first rolled out in Toronto, Canada, in 2015. The service goes live in Johannesburg tomorrow and uses a standalone app, rather than being built-in to the existing Uber app, which is available for Android and iOS. Deliveries are completed using a combination of existing UberX vehicles and dedicated UberEa...[Read More]

What the nap apps can really tell you about your sleep

Did you sleep well last night? If your answer is “no”, there could be an app or a gadget that could help you with that. But are they any good? Do they really monitor how much you toss and turn while trying to sleep? And can they help you improve your sleep time? How do we track sleep? Sleep is an important part of our well-being. A few nights of bad sleep can cause negative effects on alertness, m...[Read More]

In a dark and secret lab, apps are being tweaked for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will be appearing soon it seems, with an event today, Monday 9th March, almost certainly focussing on its unveiling ahead of an April on-sale date. In the meantime, Apple has allowed partners to work on the apps for the watch at its headquarters. Social network giant Facebook has been spotted at Apple’s secret labs, along with BMW and United Continental Holdings, says Bloomberg. Th...[Read More]

Samsung Galaxy S6 might be on a software diet

Samsung didn’t get to where it is today by churning out rubbish devices. Ever since the South Korean tech giant smashed it out of the park with the Galaxy S2, it’s consistently put out flagships worthy of our attention. Our two main gripes however, have been build quality and software bloat. The former looks well on its way to being fixed, with the Galaxy Note 4, A3, A5 and A7 all feat...[Read More]

5 (digital) ways to ready yourself for some World Cup action

Chances are, if you’re a dyed-in-the-wool football fanatic, that you’ve already armed yourself with apps and bookmarks that will augment the time you’re going to be spending (late, late at night we might add) in front of your favourite method of viewing sports for the next few weeks. But maybe you’re new to this, perhaps you’re only partaking in the mania for the big ...[Read More]

Google making changes to ads in Android apps

Google has, according to a recent email sent to app developers, made changes to the Google Play Developer Program Policy governing what sort of advertising can be displayed in the apps found on the company’s Play Store. The changes are designed to make developers responsible for the ads that appear in their software and should tighten up on advertising that doesn’t promote what it seem...[Read More]

Facebook’s targeted advertising will soon follow you around outside Facebook

Facebook’s advertising won’t always be confined to Facebook, if the social network’s plans for what is essentially a mobile ad network pan out. The company is testing their ability to serve Facebook ads via apps on mobile devices, which is very different from using another ad network to achieve the same result. The long and short of it is that Facebook intends to use the informat...[Read More]

Market research firm Gartner predicts the future of mobile apps (and it’s not that pretty)

It’s hard to get useful information out of a crystal ball, a Palantir slightly less so (but there’s the threat of having your mind crushed by Sauron), but market research firm Gartner uses… other methods to make their future predictions and these have a a greater chance of turning out to be correct than most. One of these predictions doesn’t bode all that well for mobile de...[Read More]

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch gets notifications improvements

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch, at launch, didn’t have much in the way of notification support for the Galaxy Note 3 handset. It was there, it just wasn’t very comprehensive. But that seems to have changed in places, according to a report from SamMobile. Samsung’s device will be getting (or has gotten, in some places) an update to both the Gear Manager app for the Note 3 ...[Read More]

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