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The best mobile adaptations of console & PC games available right now

Smaller versions of console and PC games being released on mobile is the new ‘big thing’ in the gaming world. It gets the word out (because mobile is cheaper to play and easier to access), and people can game on the move — this is especially important for PC gamers who, by definition, tend to be tied to their massive rig in order to game. Okay, we know not all PC gamers will inhe...[Read More]

Open an FNB account with a selfie, track spending and take a holiday with new app updates

FNB are rolling out a few updates for their banking app, some of which are first for banking apps in South Africa. FNB’s long been known as the most innovative bank in the country and the best to harness new tech, and its proved itself adept at using new features to win new customers. Switching banks, like switching mobile operators, is perceived as painful. FNB’s long tried to counter...[Read More]

Drop everything and download: Truecaller

Remember phone books? Yeah, they were once a thing, and now we don’t even need to remember anyone’s number by heart any more — but if you receive five calls from the same number before you’ve even had lunch, you do tend to recognise the numbers. The best part? You can now block those numbers so these calls, and other potential spammers’ calls, will not even reach you. Meet Truecaller.  There...[Read More]

Drop everything and download: Grasshopper

We all know where to go when you’re looking for any info. In a heated debate? Google. Looking to expand your knowledge? Google. Doing some informal studying? Google. Now Google has released a free app to teach you how to code. Now focus, Grasshopper! The coding app, Grasshopper, was created by Google’s incubator for employee side projects, called Area 120. Now the workshop has released the G...[Read More]

Call-a-superhero feature to be added to Taxify

South Africans are becoming more aware of their surroundings, and staying safe is of utmost importance — especially in high-risk cities (like Stuff‘s own front lawn that is Johannesburg). Taxify, with the help of emergency assistance app Namola, is rolling out a new safety feature for Taxify drivers and users. The app will now launch an emergency button that, if pressed, connects at-ri...[Read More]

Data prices too high? Good thing Google Go just launched in South Africa

Google today launched Google Go in Sub-Saharan Africa (which includes South Africa, in case you were wondering), a service which will provide users with a ‘lighter’ way to search. Specifically aimed at users who do not own flagship smartphones or people who just want to watch their data usage, Google Go is a search engine — basically like the conventional Google search found in most Android ...[Read More]

Apple wants to put iPads on school desks

Digital classrooms are becoming more and more prominent around the world — even right here in Mzanzi, and Apple is moving into this new market. The newly announced cheaper 9.7 inch iPad has been reworked specifically with education in mind. The infamous iPad will look exactly like its predecessors, but will pack a few new features, including Apple Pencil support and updated software that wil...[Read More]

The Die With Me app – together ‘till that last 5 percent

If you have ever felt the loneliness of disappearing into the void when your phone’s battery dies then this app is designed for you. Go and download Die With Me right now… App developer Dries Depoorter came up with the strange concept after being lost in a strange city, an idea which eventually turned into Die With Me: a chat-room based app that you can only access when your smartphone battery is ...[Read More]

Where apps once offered meaningful updates, now notifications are an untamed beast

In the last month I have deleted the Facebook app off my phone and turned off almost all notifications. I couldn’t be happier. I have been slowly tuning out from Facebook – for a variety of reasons but principally that it is mostly being used not as the sharing of personal moments and life events but as a running commentary of what people are reading. After years of disdain and Twitter snobb...[Read More]

Boost your productivity: 10 amazing web apps you can use for free in your browser

That amazing future, where you don’t have to bother installing software, because everything’s on the internet? Already here. But you probably knew that anyway, through using Google Maps and Google Docs, and Google Everything Else. What you might not know is the sheer range of things you can do in a browser, and how brilliant many web apps have become. Stuff set two rules for inclusion in this list...[Read More]

Explainer: how malware gets inside your apps

Malicious software on popular mobile platforms such as iOS and Android is at best a nuisance and at worst a security threat to individuals and businesses. Known as malware, some perpetrators use it to infect apps and get inside your smartphone. Why do they do it? Money, mostly. The recent Judy malware, for example, was reportedly found in 41 apps in the Google Play store. It seems to have made mon...[Read More]

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