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Dr. Mario is in for the next round of Nintendo’s mobile gaming ambitions

Dr. Mario is in for the next round of Nintendo’s mobile gaming ambitions

Nintendo’s list of games aimed at mobile phone users continues to grow. The newest addition to the stable — or perhaps the medical centre in this case — is Dr. Mario World, an action puzzler based around the company’s mascot, this time clad in a lab coat.

The Japanese games maker says that there’s an ‘early summer’ release planned, meaning we should see it here a little before mid-year (you know, our winter). And we might actually see this Android and iOS release at launch, since the rollout is global. Kinda. Nintendo’s Dr. Mario World appointment is penciled in for 60 countries at launch — though we’re not sure which countries those happen to be. Hopefully South Africa is in the appointment book. At present, only the US and Japan are confirmed.

Nintendo, Line, and another company called NHN Entertainment are working on the game together. We haven’t seen anything concrete from the game, just a (boring) corporate press release and a (slightly more exciting) tweet (above). In the absence of anything like expected gameplay, here’s a trip back to 1990 and Dr. Mario on the Nintendo Entertainment System (NES).

We’re going to have two things to look forward to around mid-year. Nintendo’s mobile Mario Kart Tour has been delayed to about the same times as Dr. Mario World‘s release window. We haven’t seen what that one looks like either but we do what our opponents are going to look like: reversed, cos they’re all going to be in the rear-view mirror. Got that, Craig?

Source: Polygon

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