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Free-to-play Forza Street lands on Windows 10, out for Android, iOS soon

So you want to get your hands on a Forza game but don't want to pay for it? Funny thing, Microsoft's just made that happen with the launch of Forza Street, a new free-to-play racing title for Windows 10, Android and iOS. The desktop version of the game? Yeah, that's available now. 

Welcome Apex Legends, another (free-to-play) take on battle royale

It's really hard these days to keep a secret. When it comes to gaming that statement is extremely true but Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment, the studio behind the Titanfall series, almost managed it. Almost. The result is Apex Legends, a new free-to-play entry in the battle royale genre that has dropped on us almost without notice.

Dr. Mario is in for the next round of Nintendo’s mobile gaming ambitions

Nintendo’s list of games aimed at mobile phone users continues to grow. The newest addition to the stable — or perhaps the medical centre in this case — is Dr. Mario World, an action puzzler based around the company’s mascot, this time clad in a lab coat. The Japanese games maker says that there’s an ‘early summer’ release planned, meaning we should see it...[Read More]

Get on the Fortnite bus – even if you don’t own a PC or console

Are you ready to build and shoot and build some more? From today you will be able to sign up to be in line for an invitation to the iOS Fortnite Battle Royale beta. Why would you want this invitation? Because Fortnite is changing the (literal) game of multiplayer dynamics. We have seen a massive surge in free-to-play online games like Paladins and Fortnite that are changing ideas around paying for...[Read More]

Starcraft 2 is going free-to-play (Ts&Cs apply)

If you have been, for some unfathomable reason, waiting to get your hands on Starcraft 2, first of all… what the heck have you been waiting for? And second of all, here’s your chance. Blizzard is going to be taking Starcraft 2 over to a free-to-play model from 14 November 2017, meaning that players are going to have greater access to the real-time strategy title than they did with the ...[Read More]

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare is going free-to-play for five days

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare isn’t doing quite as well on the sales floor as previous outings of the high-end shooter series have managed. That’s something supported by sales numbers and it might be the reason why Activision has announced a five-day trial of their latest shooter just before the festive season kicks off in earnest. We’re used to free weekends, where players can ...[Read More]

66% of mobile gamers abandon free-to-play games in less than a day – report

Two thirds of players apparently ditch free-to-play mobile games after a day of playing them for the first time, according to a report by app testing firm Swrve. Swrve’s own CEO, Hugh Reynolds, said that it is critically important to keep the attention of users for more than  24 hours. He said “It’s a bit like a first date.” “If it’s going to be effective, it needs to be effectiv...[Read More]

Ubisoft details changes in free-to-play shooter Ghost Recon Phantoms

Stuff has been following the game that has become Ghost Recon Phantoms for quite some time, since back when it was known as Ghost Recon Online. The free-to-play online title, which is based on the Ghost Recon series of games, has undergone several changes in the last couple of years and developer Ubisoft have released a new video detailing just what the latest crop of differences are. Ubisoft are ...[Read More]

Disney’s Star Wars: Attack Squadrons will be free-to-play, beta planned for 2014

Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars license might have led to the gaming world being stripped of access to games based on the Force but there’s a new, free-to-play, game on the horizon from the company that isn’t being made by Electronic Arts. Called Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, is based around dogfights in space, using the iconic X-Wing and TIE fighter spacecraft. The game wil...[Read More]

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