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Apple announces best iOS apps of 2018

Apps are a human’s best friend, and we’ve reached the part of the year when everyone decides which apps reign over the others. In Apple World that’s a big ask. iOS has consistently delivered some of the best apps we’ve ever seen. So when Apple throws out an award it’s for what is literally the best of the best. There were some surprises for the mobile iOS games of the year — we w...[Read More]

Facebook to allow Messenger users to unsend messages – if you do it within ten minutes

Ever since the world found out that Mark Zuckerberg can unsend messages on the social network, Facebook has promised that users would eventually get the same ability. They were testing the feature last month, and now an unsend feature finally is on the way for Facebook’s Messenger app. The feature was seen listed in a ‘coming soon’ portion of Facebook Messenger’s version 19...[Read More]

Should you move from Android to Apple? Here’s the lowdown

All these new Apples got you thinkin’ about making the big move? The great switcheroo? There’s nothing to be anxious about — Apple Land is nice this time of year. iPhones used to be miles slicker than Androids, but in the last four years many have bridged that gap. However, there are still significant differences between the two platforms. Some you’ll love. Some you probably won’t, coming fr...[Read More]

Facebook on track to start adding ads to WhatsApp – starting with iOS

There’s a lot going on over at the Facebook-owned outfits. Instagram’s founders have bounced, there’s been another (huge) data breach, and Facebook is starting to use phone numbers for advertising — let’s add another item to the pile, this one concerned with WhatsApp. Facebook’s WhatsApp is set to start getting advertising soon, starting with the iOS version of ...[Read More]

WatchOS 5 is available alongside iOS 12 today and here’s what you need to know

In the wake of iOS 12 landing for the bigger devices, Apple is updating software for the Apple Watch to WatchOS 5. The update features walkie-talkie capabilities, the ability to listen to podcasts, and brings Siri closer to you… WatchOS 5 will only work with Apple Watch Series 2 and later, and you’ll need to make sure the connected Apple device is updated to iOS 12 (if you still need to do the sof...[Read More]

To improve digital well-being, put your phone down and talk to people

Apple and Google recently announced features in their forthcoming mobile operating systems designed to “reduce interruptions and manage screen time.” Android and iOS users alike will soon be able to guard their sleep against digital temptations, easily activate “Do Not Disturb” mode when needed, and get prompted to stop when they have used their favorite apps beyond a personally chosen time limit....[Read More]

Three alternative messaging apps to WhatsApp

WhatsApp is the go-to messaging app for most South Africans. The Facebook-owned service is undoubtedly the most popular messaging platform on the planet, second only to WeChat in terms of total daily users, but far surpassing it in geographical reach. Is it too big to fail? What would we do without it? Umm, probably just move on to the next best messaging app… The company has been pushing out new ...[Read More]

The ethics of Apple’s closed ecosystem app store

This July marks the tenth birthday of the iOS App Store. The App Store originally launched alongside the release of the 3G model– 12 months after the original iPhone. The store gave developers the opportunity to write third party native apps for the iPhone, as long as they paid the 30% commission to Apple. Unlike competing android devices, however, you can’t load apps onto an iPhone unless you get...[Read More]

Sharpen your swords, because The Elder Scrolls is back again (and it’s not Skyrim)

You’re probably knee-deep in The Elder Scrolls Online: Summerset at the moment, but ready your drive space for two new Elder Scrolls additions, freshly announced by Bethesda Softworks at E3 2018. VI Bethesda officially announced the sixth instalment in its long-running Elder Scrolls series, known at this point only as The Elder Scrolls VI. The teaser video is as cryptic as they could possibly make...[Read More]

How to: Block unwanted phone calls (without using Truecaller)

Spam calls are a running joke at the Stuff offices. Do you just stare at an unusual phone number on your smartphone screen with dread, wondering whether this is the telemarketer who just hangs up, if there’s nothing but dead air, a robot voice or — horror of horrors — perhaps it is a cold-caller attempting to sell you something you don’t want or need. No matter, we wind up ...[Read More]

Fortnite (probably) coming to Switch

Epic Games is trying to be truly inclusive, by giving all gamers the ability to play their battle royale game mode, no matter the platform. It seems as though Fortnite will be parachuting on to Nintendo Switch, a move that will most likely be confirmed at E3 next week. How do we know? Fortnite was spotted on an apparent E3 list which was leaked to 4chan’s /v/ board on Friday. The list was in...[Read More]

Mini meme: Make your handset handsome

Don’t settle for smartphone conformity: download these apps to add flavour to your phone experience with new ringtones, launchers and wallpapers. Nova Launcher Free (IAPs) /Android Countless Android launchers rattle around Google Play, mostly slowly heading towards oblivion… but Nova Launcher has serious staying power. This capable app is smart, straightforward and hugely configurable. It’s a grea...[Read More]

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