Disney+ will come to South Africa in 2022


Earlier this year, it became evident that the popular streaming service Disney+ will launch in South Africa when a local URL popped up. Now, the Walt Disney Company Africa revealed to News24 that its service will launch in our territory in mid-2022. 

Disney+ Africa, finally

“As confirmed in The Walt Disney Company’s Q3 earnings call, Disney+ will launch in South Africa in winter 2022. We will share more details as we approach the launch next year,” the company told News24. This follows the company’s Q3 2021 earnings call, after which it revealed the service will become available in other territories. 

Disney+ launched in late 2019 and has since diverted all of its original content away from other streaming services to its own. Currently, you won’t find much Marvel or Disney content on services like Netflix or Amazon Prime video, as it’s all been funnelled to Disney+. 

This means that all countries that don’t have access to Disney’s streaming platform can’t technically watch any of the publisher’s content unless they equip a VPN (which is still kinda frowned upon). That’s especially true for the company’s new original content like The Mandalorian set in the Star Wars universe, and Marvel’s WandaVision, Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki series. 

Currently, the local webpage still reads “Keep Me Updated” along the bottom. Selecting that option takes you to a pop-up page that allows you to enter your email address so as to keep up to date with all things Disney.


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