Disney+ hits 100 million subscribers, still not in South Africa


At this point we’ll take any excuse to complain at Disney for not bringing its streaming service to South Africa. Disney+, which is producing some fantastic content at the moment, has just surpassed a major milestone as it’s now cruised past 100 million subscribers. That’s a lot of money being thrown at the the monstrous corporation that’s quickly establishing a monopoly on entertainment around the world. Netflix is still drawing in the crowds but at such an exponential growth rate, one has to wonder if Disney+ might soon be challenging Netflix’s dominance in the video streaming game.

What’s most staggering about this number is how it’s completely blown initial estimates out of the water. Disney executives had originally estimated that Disney+ would hit 60-90 million subscribers by 2024. That’s a full ten million subscribers more than expected three years ahead of schedule. Clearly more people wanted to see what was happening in The Mandalorian than expected. Then you have the Marvel fans who were never going to miss out on WandaVision.

Can we get some of that Disney+?

Yet while this all peachy and good for Disney as they further their lead on being one of the biggest, scariest products of capitalism, we’re still waiting for the streaming service in South Africa. Netflix and Showmax currently dominate our streaming landscape but who knows how that might change once Disney+ arrives on our humble shores.

It might actually be sooner than expected. We at Stuff recently discovered that the Disney+ website now automatically redirects to a “/za” which could be an indication that a local launch could happen in the next few months. Still, that’s just us speculating. We’re wise in the ways of tech but even we can’t predict the future.

Source: TechRadar


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