Disney+ might be coming to South Africa sooner than expected…


Disney+ sounds like it’d be cool… if us South African folks could try it. If you’re a fan of Star Wars and the Marvel Cinematic Universe and you happen to live in South Africa, it’s been a real pain trying to keep up to date with some of the hottest shows that Twitter loves to spoil.

The Mandalorian and WandaVision are super hot right now but because they’re only available through Disney+, the streaming service that’s not available in South Africa, many people have had to miss out… but, from the looks of things, that might be changing really soon.

In our quest to avoid spoilers for WandaVision, we started doing some snooping around Disney+ and noticed something interesting. There’s an official domain for Disney+ in South Africa (you can tell because of the”/za” in the URL). That piqued our interest, so we decided to delve into that matter.

The Mandalorian

Don’t give us hope, Disney+

Heading to the main Disney+ domain now redirects you to  “https://www.preview.disneyplus.com/za”, a page with the words “Keep Me Updated” along the bottom. Selecting that option takes you to a pop-up page that allows you to enter your email address so as to keep up to date with all things Disney.

Which is all very standard, right? But the very fact that South Africa is one of the countries on the list and that the URL is specific to our little country might indicate that Disney+ could be coming sooner than expected. We have been expecting the streaming service to arrive at some point in 2021, as that’s when a whole load of broadcasting deals with Multichoice expire.

Is this a straight-up guarantee that we’re getting Disney+ soon? Certainly not, but it might be the case that if enough people register in South Africa, that could push for a local launch faster. Who knows? It’s worth a try, right?




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