The Apple Watch Series 7 gets upgraded for 2021, but the really great improvements will be a while longer


Like the iPhone, a new Apple Watch turns up every year. But the Apple Watch Series 7 (they’re not about to change the naming convention) will be something a little different, according to reports. Even so, the really exciting stuff from Apple’s wearable tech is only supposed to show up later than 2021.

Watch Series 7 this space

This year’s Apple Watch iteration will have all of the standard upgrades, according to Bloomberg. Expect an updated display, which might include even thinner bezels. A new lamination technique may be used, “…that brings the display closer to the front cover”, but it’ll also (possibly) make this year’s Watch a little thicker. Processor upgrades are a given, battery life… isn’t, but there’s also improved ultra-wideband support in the offing. Apple’s upcoming wristwear will borrow the tech from current iPhones and the AirTag.

Watch 8 for this one

But it’s 2022 that promises to be really exciting for Apple wearable fans. There’s an upgraded version of the Watch SE, released last year, planned as well as a rugged version of the Watch that is supposed to rock up next year. It’ll be designed for those who are a little more rough on their gear, but that’s about all we know for now.

There are new sensors coming in 2022 as well, likely in the Watch Series 8. First up is the body-temperature sensor, which was supposed to launch this year but has reportedly been pushed back. There’s another sensor planned as well — blood-sugar, but that one’s on a slightly longer timeline. Expect it in the next couple of years, apparently. Well, Apple has to keep some innovation for later, don’t they?

Source: Bloomberg


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