Twitter reactions may be in the pipeline


Twitter may be bringing aspects of its experience closer to that of Facebook’s after reports have emerged it plans to introduce a new series of reactions users to use on tweets.

App researcher Jane Manchun Wong, who initially reported the news that the social media platform was planning a paid-for subscription service, has now revealed it’s working on a series of reactions including ‘Cheer’, ‘Hmm’ and ‘Sad’.

There’s no word as to when these features will arrive or whether they’ll be available for all users, but Wong’s track-record is pretty solid so far, so we’d bet even money they’re on their way.

Twitter’s hard at work

It’s been a busy month for the micro-blogging platform.

Between reopening (and then temporarily closing) its verification process and listing its paid-for service, Jack Dorsey’s company has kept mum on many of the developments being reported and leaked.

There’s even a rumour that’s’ been doing the rounds since February that Tweet-deck, the platform’s client, may too become something users have to pay for.

In order to attract consumers to pay for services they’ve been using for free for nearly fifteen years, they’re going to have to offer something rather special – which is probably what all the proposed (read: leaked) new functionalities are all about.


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