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3 ways Facebook and other social media companies could clean up their acts – if they wanted to

Facebook is in crisis mode, but the company can take major steps to fix itself – and the global community it says it wants to promote. Facebook founder, CEO and majority shareholder Mark Zuckerberg need not wait for governments to impose regulations. If he and other industry leaders wanted to, they could make meaningful changes fairly quickly. It wouldn’t be painless, but Facebook in particular is...[Read More]

How new media platforms have become powerful across Africa

Online platforms have become an important site for political and social engagement. On the one hand they have been praised for their progressive characteristics. This is because they offer great organising potential, enhance political accountability and disrupt old media practices that tend to exclude less powerful voices from important social and political discussions. On the other hand, they hav...[Read More]

WhatsApp skewed Brazilian election, proving social media’s danger to democracy

Misinformation via social media played a troubling role in boosting far-right Congressman Jair Bolsonaro to into the Brazilian presidency. Bolsonaro did not win 55 percent of votes thanks to misinformation alone. A powerful desire for political change in Brazil after a yearslong corruption scandal and a court decision compelling the jailed front-runner Luis Inacio Lula da Silva to withdraw from th...[Read More]

What are tech companies doing about ethical use of data? Not much

Our relationship with tech companies has changed significantly over the past 18 months. Ongoing data breaches, and the revelations surrounding the Cambridge Analytica scandal, have raised concerns about who owns our data, and how it is being used and shared. Tech companies have vowed to do better. Following his grilling by both the US Congress and the EU Parliament, Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, ...[Read More]

Watch The Lego Movie free on YouTube this Black Friday

On Friday (you know which one), YouTube is partnering up with Warner Brothers and The Lego Movie. Why, you ask? To give everyone access to a free version of The Lego Movie for Black Friday. The sequel of the infamous ‘Everything is Awesome’ singalong is on its way, and the trailer is already available. On Friday YouTube will allow viewers to watch The Lego Movie for free as part of a promotion for...[Read More]

Instagram removes fake accounts and fake likes

Did you know you can pay for followers on the popular social media platform, Instagram? Well, it’s too late now, because Instagram is weeding out fake accounts and the likes that come with them. Most of these fake likes and follows come from third-party apps that charge money for followers, likes and comments. Although Instagram has been fully aware of these apps, they’re busy purging the platform...[Read More]

How research is helping to reduce prejudice between people online

The internet often gets a bad rap, and for good reason. Social media use can contribute to poorer mental health in teens. It can also be used to manipulate users’ emotions, and to disseminate misinformation and click bait to sway public opinion. The internet is also home to countless online communities that have been founded on hatred towards social diversity. These online hate groups often incite...[Read More]

A year without the biggest social network on my phone has made me a freer person

“So you just view it in Safari,” a friend asked me with great bewilderment when I explained I didn’t have the Facebook app on my phone and the interactions he saw were through my iPhone’s browser. Just over a year ago I deleted Facebook off my phone. Not long afterwards I deleted its companion Messenger app. I can safely report that I haven’t missed anything. When I first wrote a...[Read More]

Chronological timelines coming back to Twitter

Social media users all know the struggle of scrolling through the same five posts you saw an hour ago, over and over again. That’s the joy of an algorithmically-sorted feed but it’s not something you have to live with. Not on Twitter. Not any more. The company’s CEO, Jack Dorsey, has confirmed that they’re bringing back the chronological timeline. The company said that it’s testi...[Read More]

The Facebook hack ‘only’ affected 30 million accounts — what we know about the Hackening

Additional information has surfaced that the Facebook hack that occurred on 25 September affected a total of 30 million accounts, instead of the 50 million initially reported. Yup, that makes us feel much better. Thanks Facebook. We already know what happened. Facebook’s ‘View as’ feature was compromised to give hackers access to user accounts. They started out with control of around 400,000 accou...[Read More]

Calling founders of Instagram “product leaders” being interpreted as the ultimate put down

When it first burst onto the app scene in 2010, Instagram was a revelation. This little picture-sharing app let iPhone users not only share their pictures but add clever filters at the touch of a button. Suddenly everyone could be Obie Oberholzer, the extraordinary South African photographer whose richly coloured images are artistic genius. Earlier this month the co-founders Kevin Systrom and Mike...[Read More]

The social implications of teens leaving Facebook

For years, Facebook grew in size and influence at a staggering rate. But recent reports suggest its hold on users — particularly in the developed world — may be weakening. Globally, Facebook’s user numbers continue to rise steadily as more people in the developing world connect. In the United States, two in three adults use Facebook but that number has not changed for the past two years. In partic...[Read More]

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