Twitter pauses ‘blue tick’ verification


Last week, Twitter regulars who had never had the chance to obtain the all-important blue tick of verification received some good news.

The social media platform announced it was taking verification submissions for the first time since they were suspended back in 2017. In a blog post, the micro-blogging site said it would roll out the application process over the next few weeks.

That was last Monday and here we are today learning that Twitter has now temporarily suspended the verification process once again. But why?

Everyone wants a Twitter Blue Tick

Before anyone loses their minds, it’s important to note that the verification process is not o on hold because Twitter made a boo-boo as it did back in 2017, by verifying the account of a white supremacist.

According to a report on TechRadar, the reason the process is suspended for now is because the volume of applications received was way more than expected.

The company tweeted on its official account that it was “rolling in verification requests” and that it was hitting pause on accepting any more for now.

It did, however, state, that requests would reopen soon, so you haven’t missed the boat if you didn’t send your submission off last week.


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