The Galaxy Tab S7 FE, Samsung’s first Fan Edition tablet, has leaked


It looks, if a leak from the German Samsung website is any indication, as if Samsung’s readying the launch of a Galaxy Tab S7 FE — the acronym stands for Fan Edition, in case you haven’t seen those before.

Samsung, once upon a time, used to release Lite edition smartphones and tablets. In fact, we’ve seen this tablet before but in the guise of the Galaxy Tab S7 Lite. But the South Korean company has decided that it likes the term Fan Edition more (probably because people are little more eager to buy them).

A gander at the Galaxy Tab S7 FE

Tech website WinFuture spotted Samsung’s very first Fan Edition tablet on the German Samsung website. The product page for the 12.4in tablet doesn’t appear to be live any longer but, when it was, it divulged pretty much all the info you could want about the upcoming tablet.

Info like the display, which is cut back from the full-fat Tab S7 Plus. It appears Samsung’s opted for a TFT LCD screen for its newest FE, rather than one of its gorgeous (and correspondingly expensive) OLED panels. There are other concessions to the definitely-reduced price: A Snapdragon 750G processor, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage (but with expansion options) round out most of the internal specs, and Samsung will also offer a 5G version of the tablet.

In terms of cameras, there will be cameras. In case you, for some reason, actually want to use them, there’s an 8MP rear camera and a 5MP front-facer designed to be used in landscape mode — for video calls, in order words. A 10,090mAh battery will supply the Galaxy Tab S7 FE with up to thirteen hours of video playback time. It’ll support Samsung DeX and also the S Pen stylus, in case you’re feeling artsy.

The only thing that hasn’t been spoiled, here in SA anyway, is the pricing and availability. We can offer a price estimate, however, based on the German pricing (which starts at €649). Expect Samsung’s first Fan Edition tablet to cost at least R11,000 here at home. Now, if they’ll just get around to announcing the thing…

Source: WinFuture


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