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Here are the Mate 30 smartphones Huawei will launch later this week

Everything the Chinese company is set to reveal later this week has been revealed, at least visually. We've seen all the pending members of the Mate 30 family. And now, you are about to too

Zao’s deepfake face-swapping app shows uploading your photos is riskier than ever

The effect is startlingly realistic and shows just how far this sort of “deepfake” technology has come. But it also highlights how great the risks have become of making your photos available online where anyone can use or abuse them – and the limitation of the law in dealing with this issue. One of the key problems...

1 billion users now call Google Photos home – at least when it comes to image storage

It’s official. Google Photos now has a billion users on the service, a milestone that took the image sharing-and-storage service a little more than four years to reach. The search giant first shared the information with FastCompany. Google Photos putting a billion users in the rear-view mirror makes it the ninth Google-owned service to do so. The others are (in no particular order): Gmail, G...[Read More]

Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 seen in leaked renders, is missing the 3.5mm headphone jack

Samsung's next high-end smartphone is going to be the Galaxy Note 10. That's not the result of leaks, or any thing official Samsung has said. That's just the way the world works now. And, just like the sun rising every morning, it's about time for us to get an early, unofficial look at the Galaxy Note 10. 

Microsoft’s got a purple Fortnite Edition Xbox One S incoming, according to leaks

Can you really claim to play Fortnite if you're not going it on a Fortnite console? Is that a thing? Apparently, yes. Microsoft's supposedly got a purple Fortnite Edition Xbox One S on the way, according to leaks spotted online recently. 

This is Microsoft’s Xbox One S All Digital Edition console

We've been expecting something to turn up for a while and now it looks as though the cat may be out of the bag. Images of what appears to be Microsoft's disc-less console have turned up online, giving us some idea of what the console -- known as the Xbox One S All Digital -- could look like. 

Samsung’s three Galaxy S10 models appear in new leaked image

We’re a few weeks out from the official Galaxy S10 event, which means that it’s time to pay attention to the leaky swimming pool that is Samsung to take centre stage. Over the weekend noted leaker Evan Blass published a new image showing off all three of Samsung’s expected Galaxy S10 variants. Say hi to the Galaxy S10E, the vanilla S10, and the oversized S10+. Samsung Galaxy S10E...[Read More]

LG V30 leaks, official announcement coming 31 August

What a month (and a bit) this is turning out to be. Samsung’s got a launch event for the Note 8 coming, Apple is due soon and now the LG V30 is going to be getting a reveal at the end of August. Another reveal, that is, a better one than the most recent revelation. But more on that in a bit. LG has sent out media invitations for their next hardware event, dating the announcement for 31 Augus...[Read More]

Two image leaks and a camera — Samsung Note 8 design confirmed by press renders

We can tell that we’re getting to the latest Samsung announcement because the leak steamroller is picking up speed and starting to make its way downhill, flattening other news as it passes. The Galaxy Note 8 is the current topic of conversation and a couple of image leaks, of official press renders this time, have left us in no doubt what we’re going to be dealing with at Samsung’...[Read More]

Video leak gives us a close look at Samsung’s rugged Galaxy S8 Active

There’s no denying that Samsung’s Galaxy S8 is a gorgeous phone but that effect is achieved by the use of glass. Lots and lots of gorgeous, fragile glass. If you’re the clumsy type then a different sort of phone might be in order — a phone like Samsung’s unannounced Galaxy S8 Active. As it happens… Samsung hasn’t officially taken the wraps off the Galaxy S...[Read More]

Nokia 8 specs, images make early appearance ahead of 31 July announcement

Now that Nokia is back and making friends again, the company doesn’t seem to be slowing down at all. We’ve seen that the company’s phones are coming screaming into SA (at a decent enough price for the 3, 5, and 6) and now there’s the Nokia 8 to worry about. Which, if we’re being totally honest, we were not expecting. What we were looking for was the Nokia 9, the compa...[Read More]

Is this what the Apple iPhone 8 is going to look like?

It’s nowhere near September yet (but it’s plodding along — we’re nearly halfway there) so we don’t have live images yet but several supposed renders of the iPhone 8 have pitched up online. The renders potentially give us our best look at the design choices that Apple will make for this year’s iPhone. Initial renders were made by website Engadget, being based on ...[Read More]

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