Samsung and Lenovo won’t be doing the whole Mobile World Congress in-person thing


We’ve seen this sort of pattern before. Mobile World Congress is adamant that this year will see an in-person event but several companies have ducked out of attending. And now one of the largest names in smartphones has also pulled the plug. That’s right, Samsung’s not sending any in-person representatives to MWC 2021.

Marking off Mobile World Congress

Samsung backed away from attending MWC 2021 on Tuesday this week, saying that “The health and safety of our employees, partners and customers is our number one priority, so we have made the decision to withdraw from exhibiting in-person at this year’s Mobile World Congress.”

This makes it sound like the company will still attend in a digital capacity, which we saw last year at the very start of this COVID-19 situation. Samsung isn’t alone in pulling the ripcord on the less-populated-than-usual-but-still-mass in-person event, either. Chinese company Lenovo has also confirmed that it would not be attending in person. It will be attending virtually but, like Samsung, there’s no indication of what that might look like just yet. But we do know what MWC’s physical show floor will look like: a little barer than they were hoping.

Source: The Verge, Reuters


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