Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 3 and Flip 3 have both leaked ahead of announcement


Samsung’s not known for keeping a tight lid on upcoming products and the upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 3 is no exception. Nor, it seems is the Galaxy Z Flip 3, both of which have been extensively leaked in recent weeks. Well, that leak has just become more of a… drip? Possibly a trickle?

The Fold 3 and the Flip 3 were both revealed in formerly-confidential images (‘formerly’ because we’re all about to look at ’em) showing both of Samsung’s upcoming foldables. And some badly ‘shopped-out watermarks.

Spot one, Fold 3

The images look like official press and promotional photography, but as if those images were snapped through a shop window when somebody at Samsung wasn’t looking. They confirm at least one rumour about the Galaxy Z Fold 3, too — the reported under-display camera that was a little in doubt for the handset seems to have made the final cut.

Gorilla Glass Victus, that toughened entry from Corning, will be doing duty in Samsung’s new Flip 3 foldable and, probably, in parts of the Fold 3 as well. S Pen support is confirmed for the Fold 3 but it doesn’t appear, from these images, that the stylus has a home in the device itself. The Flip 3 changes its camera orientation from last year’s model, while not much changes design-wise for Samsung’s newest Fold.

What we don’t know is when these will become official. This leak isn’t typical of Samsung’s usual slackness and these images look ‘taken’ rather than ‘found’. The handset was speculated to turn up in June this year so an official reveal is, at most, weeks away. Whether there’s much to learn on that day… well, that depends on further leaks.

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