Huawei’s P Smart 2021 is the phone you should be looking at before 2021 itself arrives


Launching products for the following year a little early isn’t just for the car industry anymore. Why the heck should they have all the fun, anyway? Huawei is bringing the world the first smartphone of 2021, the the Huawei P Smart 2021 (see, the number is how you know it’s from the future). it’ll be along to South Africa shortly.

But, before it arrives, there’s still time to take a little look at what’ll what exactly is arriving this November. This is the ready-for-next-year Huawei P Smart 2021.

You should always P Smart

When it comes to smartphones, there are a few prime factors that have to be adhered to.
The P Smart 2021 ticks all of those boxes, featuring a generous 6.67in FullView display.
That’s a solid 2,400 x 1,080 resolution, with Huawei’s signature high screen-to-body ratio,
and there’s a hole-punch camera in that clear, bright display which we’ll get to in a moment.
Huawei’s fielding its own Kirin 710A processor, a speedy octa-core based on the ARM
Cortex-A53 and -A73 chipsets. Add in 4GB of RAM and either 64GB or 128GB of storage and
you’ve got yourself a performance party on your hands. You should probably wash those.
Parties are massive fun, but occasionally sticky. Plus, you know, washing hands is what 2020
is all about.

P Smart

Charged with battery

Huawei hasn’t skimped in the other power department – you know, the literal one? The P
Smart 2021 is rocking a rock-solid 5,000mAh battery pack, a long-lasting battery that’ll get
you through to the very end of the day. And that’s a definite, because the handset features
Huawei’s AI Power Saving tech. This uses a combination of hardware and software to field
eight different power-saving profiles.

And, if that (somehow) doesn’t work for you (you can chalk this situation up to human error,
promise), then the 22.5W Huawei SuperCharge support is what you need. It needs the
SuperCharge cable and charge block, but it’ll also give you two hours of video playback from
just 10 minutes of charging – just the thing when you realise that load-shedding is on the
way and you forgot to top up that oversized battery.

Nice quads

Huawei’s never been shy putting its camera tech in phones and the same is true of the P
Smart 2021. The company’s signature quad-camera arrangement is here to make every
other smartphone’s photos look… well, just awful, really. There’s a 48MP main sensor inside
this handset, as well as an 8MP 120-degree ultra-wide option, backed by a pair of 2MP
sensors (for macro and depth, respectively).

Pair this with Huawei’s intelligent AI camera software and you’ve got a camera that loves
the night so much that it’s basically a goth. If you’re more of a daytime person, then the
8MP front-facer might to more your speed. It uses the company’s Beauty AI software to
make you look even better than you do right now (you sexy beast, you) and also sports a
Circular Flash, so you’ll always look your very best on the ‘Gram.

We hope you’re ‘appy

A smartphone isn’t a smartphone without software. And we know all phones have software
(unless it’s one of those old rotary dialers) but not all phones have this software. Huawei’s
EMUI 10.1 is present and accounted for in the P Smart 2021, backed by the company’s
constantly-growing App Gallery storefront. The apps you want (and need) are all there for
the downloading, but you’ll also find yourself fascinated with EMUI 10.1 on its own.

And that’s because it’s got all of Huawei’s latest features. Features like MeeTime, Huawei’s
high-quality video calling function between Huawei devices. The screen-sharing feature is
particularly awesome, because of how easy it makes to show things to the technologically-
impaired. Gesture-based controls, multi-window functions and even a dark mode await.
As does the Huawei P Smart 2021. It’ll be along shortly, with more details on the handset –
including pricing and availability – on the cards. Stay tuned. But, if you simply can’t wait,
then check out the Huawei P Smart S. It’s a little 2020, but it’s still a very good handset.



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