Spotify now lets you find music by searching lyrics


At some point in your life you’ve had a song stuck in your head. It’s an unavoidable fact of life that we, as humans, will hear a piece of music we enjoy and have our minds garble it up into an unrecognisable tune where the only accurate part is that one line in the second stanza. Now, if you’re fast enough you can quickly Shazam a song you haven’t heard before and ensure you have the name saved for future reference but what if too much times passes and all you have is that one line? Worse yet, the song you’re looking for might have a weird name that has nothing to do with the lyrics, what are you meant to do then?

Well, Spotify has you covered. The music streaming app already has a pretty solid search engine, which it obviously needs due to the library of roughly 50 million songs it has stored up. Despite that already decent standard, Spotify has gone an added a new feature to the app: the ability to search for songs by plugging in lyrics to the search bar.

It’s a small addition but one that I think many people will find useful. Many people often find themselves in a position where they know the song but can’t find it due to a lack of a title, so a feature that eliminates that is a really tasty addition.

Typing in lyrics will give you a selection of music under the banner “lyrics match”. It’s really that simple, like searching for anything else on the app. Oh, and the best part is that you won’t even need to update the app as Spotify is beginning to roll it organically to all devices on both iOS and Android platforms. Neat!

Sure, Apple Music had a similar feature back in 2018 but we’re a Spotify family here so we’re just stoked it finally came to the party, especially now that you can invest in a dirt cheap Premium Family Plan or a Premium Duo package. It’s never been a better time to try out Spotify!

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