Spotify South Africa launches a Premium Family Plan for R100 a month


R60 a month for unlimited access to music is a brilliant deal already, but at long last Spotify South Africa has launched its famous family plan in South Africa. What does that mean? It means your kids won’t mess up your perfectly tailored music recommendation algorithm. 

The new Premium Family plan costs only R100 and allows for up to six users on one account. The equivalent in the US costs $16 (almost R300 at today’s exchange rate), so this is a brilliant deal for South Africans who live under the same roof. 

“With Premium Family, all family members get uninterrupted access to over 50 million tracks and over one million podcast titles through their own individual Spotify Premium account – meaning that each member will have a place for their own saved music, podcasts, and playlists, and get Spotify’s recommendations for their unique listening tastes,” Spotify South Africa’s press release explains. 

Along with the new Premium Family plan, Spotify is launching three family-aimed features that go with the plan. The first is Family Mix, which creates a custom playlist using the likes and dislikes from the whole family to curate a bunch of songs it thinks everyone will like. It’s almost like the Daily Mixes you’re used to on Spotify Premium, but including tunes the whole fam enjoys. 

It’ll also include parental controls that the parents of younglings can use to moderate what they’re able to listen to. Don’t want to blast Takeshi69’s horrendous so-called ‘songs’ into little Becky’s ears? Boom. Parental controls. 

Finally, using the Family Hub, users can manage users and accounts that have access to the family plan. The new plan is available from today, and you can sign up by heading right to Spotify’s website. 


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  1. Thank you for this – I have been waiting for ages to get each of my children their own account. No more messing with my music.
    Just an FYI – I just went into Spotify to upgrade, the plan is now R109.99pm.

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