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Mini Meme: Be a real guitar hero

From tentative strummers to professional Hendrix impersonators, we can all improve our plank-spanking with judicious use of these rocking apps. Yousician Free / Android, iOS Learning a new instrument can be a right old trudge, which is why Yousician wisely reimagines plucking and strumming as a game. Its exercises are like Guitar Hero turned on its side, as you time your efforts to match coloured ...[Read More]

Listening to music at work: what you need to know to improve your productivity

We all know the struggle that open-plan offices bring for many office-crawlers. Living the headphone life is almost compulsory if you hope to get any work done. What with talk radio and the politics around the stuff that’s usually playing in the background, being in an open office can be tough. But it doesn’t have to be. According to numerous studies, music can help with productivity, ...[Read More]

Get Spotify Premium for R6 – that’s not a typo

For those of you who have been holding off on getting a Premium Spotify subscription. Do it now. It’s only R6 — what costs R6 these days? You can’t even get a Simba Chips Party Pack. We know, the free tier is essentially the Premium tier with ads. But Spotify SA just announced a special price of R6 for a Premium subscription for the first three months. Thereafter you will be charged the norm...[Read More]

Deezer adds South African radio stations to its lineup

Music streaming service Deezer is adding South African radio stations to their ‘Live Radio’ lineup, with plans to add even more in the future. If you’re not into Spotify or Apple Music, you’re likely subscribed to Deezer. It could be described as the ‘underdog’ in the music streaming space but, weirdly, a range of wearables have Deezer capability. The service is available on Android Wear, Apple Wa...[Read More]

DJs will soon be able to mix while streaming music on SoundCloud

Who even needs hard drives anymore? Streaming is so much more convenient, and doesn’t fill up all the space on 128GB smartphones — so you have more space for pictures of your pug. Not all streaming offerings are cut from the same cloth, though. Outfits like SoundCloud have had to change things up to survive in the cut-throat music streaming industry.  One thing SoundCloud has always got righ...[Read More]

Spotify announces more Premium features and an updated Wear OS app

The world’s most popular music streaming service, Spotify, has recently announced a whole range of new features for its Premium-tier users, as well as an app for Google’s Wear OS. Firstly, the Spotify Premium changes — the most noteworthy of which is the streamlined navigation in the app (we appreciate slick interfaces, okay). The five tabs at the bottom have been condensed into ...[Read More]

Joox partners with DStv so you can stream music for free

Multichoice’s DStv is on a path to “put together the best 360 entertainment package in South Africa”, according to a press release announcing a new partnership. The new partner? Local streaming service (think a South African Spotify), Joox… which, not coincidentally, is also part of the Naspers stable that includes DStv, Showmax, Voov and others. If you’re a DStv subscriber, you’re in ...[Read More]

AI’s first pop album ushers in a new musical era

Last December, the world ushered in a new era of popular music: human and artificial intelligence (AI) collaboration. Musical eras are often defined by their dominant modes of production — analog, electronic, digital — each bringing about new styles and ways of listening. This era is marked by the release of the first AI-human collaborated album, Hello World, by the music collaborative Skygge. Sky...[Read More]

Spotify will allow (some) indie artists to upload their music themselves

Our fave music streaming app, Spotify, has announced that selected independent artists will be able to upload their music directly to the service, which bypasses the need for third-party distributors that to date have been the only way for indies to get their material on the world’s biggest music-streaming platform. The new feature is available through the standalone Spotify for Artists app ...[Read More]

Cell C launches a converged ‘entertainment package’ called MediaPlay

In other parts of the world, you can get all of your communication necessities along with your entertainment indulgences from one company. Which means one bill, and one call centre to contend with when things go wrong. The appeal is obvious. Now mobile operator Cell C has launched a converged service of its own called MediaPlay. It’s something South Africa could certainly use… but will...[Read More]

Dreamwave Tremor: The rugged and rough Bluetooth speaker you need

When going on a road trip without decent in-car sound — let’s say the radio’s broken — make sure to pack a Tremor Bluetooth speaker. Just in case you need the auditory muscle. The Tremor is made by Dreamwave, is big and bulky but isn’t basic. It’s got an onboard battery that’ll make most power banks blush, and crisp sound to take on the likes of Harman Kardon and Bowe...[Read More]

We made a Spotify playlist with tracks submitted by readers… and this is what we got

Cast your mind back to last month and you might recall we gave away a wireless speaker, a Fender Newport to be exact. To enter, readers had to submit their track of choice for testing speakers and headphones. We had more than just a few entries (395 uniques to be exact — and one chap who entered an Enigma song 500 times), and slaved away adding the submissions to a collaborative Spotify play...[Read More]

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