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Spotify is testing playlists combining tunes and podcasts, and now has 100m paying subscribers

Spotify rolled out a new playlist to a select few users on the down-low that includes short news-related podcast segments woven into a curated playlist of songs.

Winamp will be back in 2019 — with an all-in-one music service

Do you even Apple Music, bro? Or do you Spotify? Or maybe you only listen to podcasts on whatever third-party app you downloaded first? Audio streaming services are all over the place, and there’s another one coming. You won’t believe who hopes to organise your music library… again. Winamp, the free, llama-flavoured, fan-favourite music player that launched in 1997, will make a comeback in 2...[Read More]

A Spotify smart device might be in the pipeline

Apparently, Spotify has enough time on its hands to start working on its own smart speaker, and maybe its own AI voice assistant, but it doesn’t have the time to launch in South Africa (yes, we are still waiting). But you know… priorities! According to a job posting that has recently surfaced on the Spotify website, they are looking for a hardware operations manager (key word here being R...[Read More]

How to use Youtube for all of your music streaming needs

We have all heard the statistics — like 300 hours worth of uploads per minute and other nigh-incomprehensible numbers — and its safe to say that no person will be able to watch all of the video content on YouTube in one lifetime. Or even several. A ridiculous amount of new video content is uploaded to the website daily, and we can’t keep up. It’s literally impossible and thatR...[Read More]

African-music streaming service Mziiki is now in South Africa

When it comes to streaming music services, South Africa’s pretty well covered. But all of the existing offering are subscription based, and any African music in their catalogues tends to be incidental rather than their focus. Which is where Mziiki comes in. While anyone has been able to download the Mziiki apps or use the service’s web or .mobi sites since it launched in East Africa in...[Read More]

Trace Mobile offers freebies and bonuses, but beware the Ts&Cs

There’s a new mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) vying for the hard-earned (or purloined from their parents) rands of South Africa’s young folk. Called Trace Mobile, the SIM-only operator uses Cell C’s network to provide prepaid voice, SMS and data services and offers users bonus airtime with each recharge and free access to Facebook and WhatsApp, with a range of Ts&Cs, o...[Read More]

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