Cash Crusaders launches an online store for new and secondhand stuff


It’s becoming increasingly clear that the current pandemic has had an adverse effect on the retail industry — more specifically brick-and-mortar shops across the globe. Many stores have opted for an online marketplace, but it’s slightly more complicated when it comes to retail chains like Cash Crusaders, who buy and resell most of their stock from the public. 

But the local reseller has finally figured out a way to digitise the whole process and launched a new feature on its website called Click & Collect. The platform allows buyers to shop online as they would with other online retailers, while also offering the functionality to sell goods to them through their website. 

“Although we’ve been planning the launch of e-commerce for our business for a while, COVID-19 rapidly increased the rate in which we rolled the service out,” says Sean Stegmann, CEO of Cash Crusaders Franchising.

Stock up on those secondhand games, yo

The cool thing about this online portal is that Cash Crusaders offers both their private label goods as well as secondhand goods on sale. The system works with something called a ‘live real-time’ system, that will automatically remove an item from the e-shop if it was bought either online or in-person. That’s handy. 

“We’ve been very cognisant of how an online shopping channel – especially for our business could present some complexities, so have identified Online Personal Shoppers in every one of our South African stores to ensure a seamless and efficient online shopping experience,” says Stegmann.

If you opt to buy something through the Click & Collect portal, you’d travel to the store you plan to collect before checking out, as Cash Crusaders don’t offer door-to-door delivery as yet. 


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