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Takealot’s Midrand collection point is officially open for business, and it’s rad

Online retailer Takealot today officially opened its flagship Gauteng collection facility over the N1 Highway at the New Road offramp in Midrand.

Shop on FNB’s app with new e-commerce feature

First National Bank (FNB) has built its eBucks Shop into its mobile app, which allows FNB customers to buy all sort of things from tech to appliances.

Online shopping algorithms are colluding to keep prices high

Have you ever searched for a product online in the morning and gone back to look at it again in the evening only to find the price has changed? In which case you may have been subject to the retailer’s pricing algorithm. Traditionally when deciding the price of a product, marketers consider its value to the buyer and how much similar products cost, and establish if potential buyers are sensitive t...[Read More]

How marketers use algorithms to (try to) read your mind

Have you ever you looked for a product online and then been recommended the exact thing you need to complement it? Or have you been thinking about a particular purchase, only to receive an email with that product on sale? All of this may give you a slightly spooky feeling, but what you’re really experiencing is the result of complex algorithms used to predict, and in some cases, even influence you...[Read More]

Why yes, you can also join in on Black Friday here at home. Without leaving the office

We all know what Black Friday is, don’t we? It’s a massively hyped Thanksgiving sale that Americans have given the rest of the world and their export has started to trickle down to South Africa. Or at least to the Kalahari online store, which is in the midst of hosting its very own Black Friday. Technically it should be called Cyber Friday here at home but that doesn’t have the s...[Read More]

Amazon now lets users add basket items via Twitter

Online mega-retailer Amazon today announced a new kind of integration with Twitter, which lets users add items to their online baskets with a simple hashtag. Linking your Twitter profile to your Amazon account is a necessary first step, but once that’s done, simply reply to any tweet with an link using the hashtag “#AmazonBasket” or an link using the hashtag “#AmazonC...[Read More]

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