LG teases its upcoming swivelling display smartphone


The world is moving into a strange new time for smartphone tech, in that each smartphone maker is trying to… reinvent the phone. We’ve been here before, and last time it felt straightforward — Steve Jobs revealed the iPhone 4 and everyone followed in the same design and format. The new design format is clearly dual displays, and LG will soon reveal its newest creation: the swivelling dual-screen phone. 

After a whole lot of leaks, we’ve finally got a better (and more official) look at LG’s upcoming phone launch. It doesn’t show us too much of the actual hardware they’ll show off, but it’s clear what form factor they’re going for. And that form factor is ‘Transformer-esque’.

Codenamed the ‘LG Wing’, we’ll see LG announce a different kind of dual-display smartphone. This isn’t your Galaxy Z Fold of Surface Duo or even the Motorola Razr form factor — this time the second display will swivel out a horizontal display. Before this, LG opted to give consumers the choice to turn a regular old smartphone, like the V60 or the Velvet into a dual-display smartphone using an external display that attaches as a cover. 

From the teaser video released recently, it’s clear that LG plans to show off a device that will extend the display, with a screen rotating into view. This aligns with the rumours that mentioned a T-shaped swivelling display device. But now we’ll get a better look at how this mechanism works, and what the phone will ultimately be called. 

The teaser also mentions the announcement date of the Wing device, and it’s slated for 14 September at 16:00 CAT. 


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