Leak – Could this be what the iPhone 12 will look like?


September’s coming closer and closer, which can only mean… well, several things. But the specific thing we’re talking about here is the reveal of the year’s newest iPhone. We’re a greedy lot and, not happy with one iPhone launch this year already, are keen on seeing what else Apple has in store.

The surprise may have been spoiled a little, however. Twitter account @Jin_Store dropped a series of images showing what it claims are moulds of the iPhone 12’s design. This is backed by apparent CAD drawings of the handset-to-be .

Fitting in

The drawings and moulds aren’t exactly surprising — iPhone cases don’t just happen by themselves. It helps the bottom line to have a protective kit ready at launch, meaning third-party manufacturers often have access to the design specs a little early. The moulds… well, that’s to make sure the cases fit.

The moulds here are mostly notable for what they don’t tell us about the iPhone 12. The handset is thought to be carting along with a time-of-flight sensor this year, as well as a smaller notch — neither of which are visible on the blank being showed off around the internet.

What is visible, however, are the edges. This year’s iPhone, if this leak is accurate, will have far straighter edges than the iPhone 11. This would make it look a lot more like older-generation iPhones… okay, and a lot more like the current new iPad Pro as well. Which is a design choice Apple’s been reportedly considering for some time now.

Source/images: @Jin_store (Twitter) via 9to5Mac


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