Samsung’s 2020 smart TVs get access to Samsung Health and a collection of free fitness features


There are a whole lot of things we miss as a result of lockdown. Sitting down somewhere while someone else does the cooking (and dishes). Seeing human faces. And group exercise, because we’re just overly-complicated primates at heart. But yeah, gyms aren’t going to be a thing for a while. Which might be why Samsung’s rolled out Samsung Health access for its 2020 smart TVs.

No more couch potato

It’s not going to replace that warm (but icky) feeling you get sitting down at a weight machine and realising that Carl forgot to wipe it down (again) but it will help prevent a little of that corona-induced sideways expansion we’ve all gotten from a little too much sourdough and inactivity.

Samsung Health is the company’s fitness platform, available on pretty much anything the South Korean company makes. Besides air conditioners, don’t be silly. That’s next year. No, Samsung Health is available for smartphones and wearables, and now Samsung’s 2020 model TV sets. And that’s a good thing, because that screen in your lounge will now make you lose weight instead of gaining it.

A bunch of freebies

The Samsung Health app provides for personalised profiles for users, a dashboard (populated by your wearable data, among other sources), daily challenges and Routines — basically reminders to get off your butt and do something besides Netflix all day. The app is always where user’s will access content — some paid, but an awful lot of it free.

Samsung’s partners include Calm, obé fitness, barre3, Echelon, Fitplan, and Jillian Michaels Fitness. And the free stuff? That’s available for a year and includes “…more than 5,000 hours of free, in-home content and upwards of 250 instructive videos that vary in terms of exercise level and discipline.” Samsung’s got designs on expanding the service even further in the months to come, as well.

Samsung Electronics’ Won-Jin Lee said “The whole intention of Samsung Health is to motivate our consumers to live healthier lives by meeting them wherever they are, across Samsung platforms. We knew that to do this, we needed to develop a user-centric and immersive platform that offered a variety of in-home fitness and wellness options. Given the current climate, we hope that the launch of Samsung Health makes it easier for our consumers to prioritize their physical and mental wellbeing on a daily basis.”


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