Samsung’s Galaxy Watch Active2 will soon get Electrocardiogram functions


Apple gave the Apple Watch the ability to give its users an Electrocardiogram, or ECG, back in 2018. That was a great idea, since knowing what your heart’s up to is key to living longer. And almost all of us want to live longer. So it was only a matter of time before Samsung followed suit on the feature.

Coming soon (but not here)

Samsung’s first watch to feature built-in ECG is the Galaxy Watch Active2, a piece of kit you might already own. But yours… can’t check to see whether you have atrial fibrillation (AFib). It’s probably got the capability, since the sensors are all there, it just doesn’t have permission.

Unless, that is, you’re in South Korea. The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active2 has been cleared to track user heart irregularities by that country’s Ministry of Food and Drug Safety, meaning that the Samsung Health Monitor app can begin tracking your heart in more detail. If you want it to.

It’s not just looking out for atrial fibrillation, either. The Galaxy Watch Active2’s sensors can also monitor blood pressure at the same time. Which is, you know, related to the whole atrial fibrillation thing. Hypertension bad.

Samsung’s ECG function works in much the same way as Apple’s does. Users make use of the ECG sensor by resting the arm with the Watch Active2 on it on a flat surface and the pressing a fingertip from the other hand on the smartwatch’s top button for 30 seconds. It’ll pop out whether users have a sinus rhythm (things are normal) or AFib (time to head to the doctor) immediately afterwards.

The feature rolls out with the Samsung Health Monitor app in Q3 this year, which is when Samsung’s home country gets broader access to it. As for the rest of the world? There are no defined dates but the feature will “…progressively expand to upcoming Galaxy Watch devices”.


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