You can buy smartphones again as telecommunications is classified as an essential service


According to a press release sent out by Smartphone Shop, you’ll now be able to purchase phones during lockdown as telecommunications is apparently a service we can’t live without. Honestly, that’s pretty true these days. Staying in touch with people is awfully hard when your phone is busted and you can’t leave the house.

Groceries are important, we all know that. What, you think you’re some kind of SAS operative who’s going to rough out the lockdown by sucking rainwater out of your crusty socks while nibbling on a fishmoth? Even if you are, that’s gross. Please don’t do that. At least go for the flying ants, they taste like butter. Or so we’re told.

When you’re not worrying about food and drink, you’re probably concerned about talking to friends and family, a task that’s become a lot more challenging for those folks that have broken or rapidly decaying phones. While it was impossible to purchase a new mobile device at the start of lockdown roughly two weeks ago, it looks like that’s changed.

Smartphone Shop sent out a press release this morning stating that they’re now legally allowed to sell mobile phones once again. “The Presidency has announced that telecommunications forms part of essential services which can operate during lock-down. Smartphone Shop has registered as an Essential Service business during the lock-down period which allows us to deliver and repair smartphones for our customers,” reads their statement.

Smartphone shop has made it clear that they’re not taking any risks. The process for shipping a phone has undergone some serious hygiene-related additions, including parcel disinfection, packaging staff equipped with face masks and gloves as well as daily temperature readings and couriers will be required to maintain a two-meter gap from recipients on delivery.  Smartphone shop has confirmed that they intend to have all outstanding orders for smartphones dispatched and delivered by Friday, 10 April 2020.

A cursory glance around the Internet shows that it’s not just Smartphone Shop that’s back to selling mobile devices. Takealot is now also offering smartphones for sale once again. Even Loot has its range of smartphones back up for sale after they weren’t allowed to sell them last week. So if you’re desperately needing to replace that busted mobile, it looks like you time has come.


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