Even Apple is battling coronavirus as replacement iPhones are in short supply


The COVID-19 novel coronavirus is responsible for a whole lot of things in recent months, from event closures to factory closures, and that’s before we look at its (far more serious) impact on the world in general. Now there’s another company feeling a little ill — Apple, which has warned its retail stores that replacement iPhones might be hard to come by for the next few weeks.

Made in China

In case you’re unaware, the bulk of Apple’s supply chain is in China. And China’s locked down travel in many parts of the country, putting a strain on the world’s tech supply. According to Apple store employees, speaking to Bloomberg, that includes Apple.

Specifically, replacement iPhones will be hard to come by, at least in the States. Apple is advising its retail stores that they may have to mail replacement iPhones to users looking to replace damaged handsets, or that they may have to issue loaner devices until shipments can be brought in over the next two to four weeks.

Part of the problem

Spares for handsets are also in shorter supply, according to the report. This issue doesn’t appear to be universal but some Apple stores in the States. are reporting reduced levels of replacement parts. Apple, when questioned, declined to comment.

The issue isn’t exactly an unknown one for Apple. The company’s expecting its financial results to take a hit as a result of coronavirus, and only re-opened its Chinese stores this week in the wake of COVID-19 disrupting operations in that country. Even if there are shortages, here aornd abroad, hopefully they’ll only be temporary.

Source: Bloomberg


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