Samsung and LG Innotek close South Korea production plants following confirmed coronavirus case


Both companies elected to close two of their main production plants after a worker tested positive for the coronavirus in both factories. Both facilities will undergo disinfection and decontamination to ensure the cases remains isolated.

While you might have been fooled into thinking that the coronavirus might be just one of those diseases that comes and goes, like an assortment of other plagues that were meant to ravage the Earth a decade ago, it seems that it might be a little different this time round. Following a confirmed case of a worker infected with the coronavirus on Saturday evening, Samsung and LG Innotek have taken drastic measures to ensure it doesn’t spread past their South Korean production plants.

Samsung’s mobile device factory in Gumi, a location very close to Daegu where most of the South Korean cases have been reported will be closed until proper decontamination procedures have been conducted. The facility is largely responsible for making the Galaxy Z Flip and the Galaxy S20, two of Samsung’s newest creations unveiled only two weeks ago. How this impacts production of the two devices is yet to be seen.

In a similar vein, LG Innoteck, developers of camera modules for Apple iPhones, has also confirmed that their production line in Gumi has also been temporarily closed due to one of the workers also contracting the coronavirus. The plant will be closed on Monday for disinfection while there has yet to be confirmation as to when the plant will reopen.


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