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Google’s late response to Amazon Echo suggests the future is voice control and virtual reality

The recent Google I/O developer conference at which the company reveals its new products and directions brought with it several surprising announcements that mark significant changes for the way the company approaches its online business. The first was the admission by Google chief executive, Sundar Pichai, that Amazon had taken the lead in voice-activated devices when it launched Echo last year w...[Read More]

Smart homes need to start treating their inhabitants better

We might still be some way from coming home to robots doing the cooking and cleaning for us, but the age of widespread home automation has arrived. More and more people now have “intelligent” versions of devices like thermostats and lighting in their home, that either run automatically or can be controlled from a smartphone. But the home automation market is very much still in its infancy. There a...[Read More]

Win a Netatmo Welcome with Stuff and iStore

There are times in your life when you’ll wish you had an extra pair of eyes. When you’re cooking an elaborate mail. When you’re at the beach (make of that what you will). When you’re trying to avoid being eaten by wildlife after your plane runs out of gas over a remote region of Africa. The Netatmo Welcome, the subject of this month’s giveaway, can’t help with a...[Read More]

Android powers the coolest, smartest bathroom mirror we’ve ever seen

We have amazing smartphones, smartwatches on our wrists, VR headsets, self-driving cars on the roads, and drones working on delivering packages – and yet it’s this mirror that has us convinced we’re finally living in the future. It’s perfectly pristine and seamless, which is surprising since it’s a homemade side project; granted, it’s one from a longtime Google ...[Read More]

Light Start – Robotic falconry, GoPro sales, Sony smartbulb, and Musk on Apple’s cars

How to remove a drone from your airspace – without using a shotgun Tokyo might be chasing down drones with nets but the boffins at the Michigan Tech Human-Interactive Robotics Lab have a much more American solution to snaring an offending drone from the skies. It’s still a net but this one is fired from the drone rather than hanging from the bottom of it. Less chance of snagging that w...[Read More]

Samsung buys SmartThings to boost its connected home potential

Samsung has acquired “Internet of Things” company SmartThings in an apparent $200 million deal, seemingly in an attempt to boost its smart home, er, smarts. SmartThings, based in California’s Silicon Valley, makes an app and Hub that allows the user to control hundreds of smart home devices – light switches, locks, thermostats etc. – from his or her smartphone. SMART HOME FOR ALL? The acquisition ...[Read More]

Samsung rolling out Smart Home app and appliances

Samsung has got home automation firmly in their sights. The Galaxy Gear range of wearables is one thing but the company recently announced a smart light bulb and they’ve also taken the lid off a home automation technology that they’ve just called Smart Home. Sadly, it’ll be a while before it makes it anywhere near South Africa. The service comprises an Android app which is able t...[Read More]

LG wants to be the light of your smart home

LG has announced a first for the company, a smart light bulb that is able to connect to a smartphone (we’re sure that they’d prefer that you used an LG phone) via WiFi or Bluetooth. Smart light bulbs aren’t anything new but LG has gone all out with their initial offering. Users will be able to control their home lighting from almost anywhere with a smartphone app and they will be...[Read More]

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