IFA may be missing in action this year but LG’s still got a smart home showroom you should check out


Round about now is usually when tech companies from around the world descend on Germany to show off whatever they’ve got before Apple goes off and does its own thing a week or two later. Known as IFA (Internationale Funkausstellung, if you wondered why we never write it out), this year’s event was cancelled. Only… not entirely, in LG’s case.

There’s a limited-capacity, invite-only event taking place but there’s also something for the rest of us. LG decided to make a little IFA of its very own and you can check it out yourself. Which isn’t a chance you’ve had in previous years.

IFA-got what we were doing

It’s a virtual tour with an IFA-like setup, where visitors can interact with LG’s newest tech in 360 degrees. If you’re less of a fiddler and more of a watcher (hello Giles) then you can also explore brief video presentations and all the specs you could possibly want.

There’s all sorts of stuff to check out: LG’s TVs (there’s a room where the ceiling is made from screens) including an 8K monster, the LG Tone earbuds, the LG PuriCare Air Purifier that we saw a few days back and a whole lot more are on offer. There’s a comprehensive look at LG’s smart home tech at the virtual event but, if you’re in a rush, there’s also a quick video tour conducted by K-Pop star Henry Lau (below).

Just how good is life, then?

LG CTO Dr. I.P. Park said at the event’s opening (while appearing onstage as a hologram), “These unprecedented times have made us more uncertain about the future. LG believes this presents a unique opportunity to make real change in the world by realizing a new potential for the home. As a leading lifestyle innovator, we’ve doubled-down on our commitment to develop new and improved products and services that provide a good life for consumers the world over.”

Want to do the LG IFA tour for yourself? There are two showrooms and two ways to explore them — you’ll find all four options here, at the dedicated page LG set up to take the place of IFA 2020. You can focus on home entertainment or on home appliances, with the option to explore either through LG’s website or via a downloaded app. The app is made for Windows users, however, so if you’re using a Mac or Linux (you masochist, you) it’s best to stick with the website. The showrooms are online for the rest of the month, so make a turn by at some point.


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