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As we batten down the hatches and empty every grocery store in sight (but politely — we’re not panic-buying at all, promise), it’s also time to look at ways to occupy your time at home. There’s no traffic, you’re going to find yourself running out of work (assuming you’re working), or perhaps getting a little cabin-fevery. Here are a few ways to keep yourself busy.

Look, we totally get it. Load shedding can be a real kick in the southern hemisphere and sometimes (or all the time) you'd rather not break the bank on some fancy-schmancy generator or solar powered stove to keep you going in the dark. Mostly you just want something practical, cheap and (possibly) dirty to do the

In South Africa, the biggest threats to democracy are pretty obvious: the stuttering economy, never-ending rolling blackouts (let’s call them what they are), the rampant unemployment (nearly 30% in total, over 50% for youth) and a delusional political elite that doesn’t know it’s out of touch, out of money (due to said economic woes and therefore the inability of Sars to collect revenue) and generalised arrogance.