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Thanks to load shedding, EskomSePush gained more than 300,000 downloads in a week

Probably the only good load shedding news to come out of SA, is that locally developed load shedding push-notification app EskomSePush gained hundreds of thousands of downloads this week. The app only had 2,500 active users a week ago, and since load shedding was implemented, more than 400,000 people have downloaded the app. Now that’s what we call a quick turnaround.  According to Business ...[Read More]

Stuff’s load shedding survival guide – Unlimited power!

We’re not here to disappoint anyone — we know you’re all quite fidgety because you’ve been stuck watching prehistoric Netflix (a candle flickering against the wall) for the past two weeks. Maybe you haven’t had a proper warm bath for a few days, or you’ve long since blown your UberEats budget. Here’s something to brighten up your gloom slightly — Stuff’s load shedding survival guide! I...[Read More]

Without a generator – Stuff’s Load Shedding Survival Guide

Not everybody can afford a generator, or solar panels or a gas-powered alternative energy source (they are nice and quiet though). But load-shedding is still a reality for South African residents and you’ve got to do something with the electricity down-time that we’re all being so lovingly treated to. How do you get by when the power’s out and there’s nothing to do but sit ...[Read More]

Charge Everything – Eskom planning extensive maintenance this weekend

We hope that you have your devices all lined up and charged, alternative sources of power and/or entertainment handy and a pretty decent supply of food that doesn’t need to be cooked. Eskom is, according a report from the SABC, set to take down at least a few of their generating units this weekend for maintenance. The down-time, which has been dubbed an annual ‘maintenance festivalR...[Read More]

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