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Apple confirms its 25 March event, may announce video streaming service (and more)

"It's show time" seems to suggest that we're looking at something television-related. Like a brand new video streaming service, perhaps? Certainly it's more likely than a movie or theatre production announcement, which would be more likely to use the world 'showtime' on the announcement. In our completely unscientific assessment of the invitation (above), that is. 

A leaked icon may give us a glimpse at the upcoming iPad Pro

With the Apple event so close we can almost smell the freshly picked fruit, there has been a leak. Of course there’s been a leak. There’s always at least one leak this close to an event, and this time it’s the upcoming iPad Pro. The leaders in Apple leaks, 9to5Mac, spotted an iPad Pro icon in iOS 12. It’s a fairly basic design which shows the tablet with no home button, just like we expected. This...[Read More]

Apple confirms an event for 30 October, here’s what to expect

Apple has been busy this year, announcing three new handsets a few months ago, brand new OS updates across the board, and a slew of rumours about other hardware to follow. We’ll likely see the company’s new iPad Pro and Mac products at their just-announced 30 October event. The company sent out unique invite designs for the event, to a bunch of media across the world. Apple’s event will be h...[Read More]

Apple leaks upcoming iPhone names on their own website

Of course there has to be a leak on the day of Apple’s iPhone reveal. This time we’ve found out exactly what the three new iPhone handsets will be called — and we were not that far off in our earlier speculation. The leak seems to have confirmed that iPhone XS, XS Max, and XR will be the names for the three new smartphones expected to be announced tonight. Website ATH spotted the names...[Read More]

The 5-minute guide to Google’s Pixel 2 event

Google held a big event yesterday, as expected, and it showcased the Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL phones – again, just as expected. What you might not have expected are wireless earbuds that translate 40 languages on the fly, or a really tiny Google Home – and also a very large Google Home, too. Google’s hardware event ran the gamut, from a high-end laptop to a tiny A.I. powered camera, but you do...[Read More]

8 things we want to see from the iPhone 8

A new iPhone is coming. And it’s going to be a little different to the ones you’re used to. We’ve heard it’ll be a major redesign, a cutting-edge product – and a wallet-thumping one. Apple, it seems, is done playing it safe in an ‘s’ year. But what do we want from this purportedly magical device, so it blazes past the Android pack and grabs top spot in Stuff’s best smartphones list? Re...[Read More]

What to expect from Apple’s September 12 event

Blow up a hype balloon and peer into the future via entrails you’ve (worryingly – seek help) strung about, because it’s Apple event time. On 12 September, Apple will reveal all about shiny new devices you’ll immediately want to own. If you’re in the US and gave Apple a magic eyebrow wiggle, you’ll be seated at ‘their place’ (Apple Park’s Steve Jobs Theater). For everyone else, there’s the live str...[Read More]

Apple to announce new Macs at 27 October event

If you’ve had your eye on an Apple MacBook, you may want to hang on for a month or so. A new report from ReCode claims that Apple is on track for an October MacBook announcement. That’s something that has been expected for some time but a lack of a solid date this late in the month has put previous reports in doubt. But ReCode‘s sources claim that Apple is scheduling a 27 October...[Read More]

Apple’s iPhone SE and 9.7in iPad Pro event now expected on 21 March

Got an itch for a smaller iPhone or a new 9.7in iPad? Both are reportedly coming soon, if the ever-increasing chatter is any indication, although it might be just a bit longer than we previously expected. Reports previously pegged 15 March as the big date for the reveal of both the so-called iPhone SE and the new, smaller iPad Pro (full-sized version shown below), but multiple reports claim that t...[Read More]

PlayStation VR event set for March 15, expect a price and release date

PlayStation VR is coming this year – that much we know – but Sony’s been keeping us in the dark when it comes to details. That could be set to change in March. Sony has started sending out invites for a press conference focused on the virtual reality headset, which could potentially see an official price and release date finally revealed. The invite-only event on the 15th of Marc...[Read More]

Microsoft has an October event planned – Surface 4 and more?

Microsoft’s had a pretty good year so far. The Xbox One is doing well, Windows 10 launched to a generally positive reception (even if the user agreement is unclear) and they’re expected to unveil new hardware soon. How soon? October sounds about right. The exact date in October isn’t known but Microsoft are expected to be hosting their own hardware reveal once Apple and the rest ...[Read More]

LG’s new G4 launch event invite gives us a clear glimpse at a leather-backed handset

It’s official folks – the LG G4 will be revealed on 28 April. And it’s going to be dressed in leather. We previously received a leather-themed invite from LG asking us to ave the date on 28 April, for a ‘G’ related device. This newer invite not only mentions the G4 by name, but it also give us the clearest look yet at the upcoming handset. What appears to be genuine s...[Read More]

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