No more Dome: Here’s what the all-digital rAge Expo is all about


It’s probably not the main loss of the year, but the lack of physical events have hit the gaming industry quite hard. South African geeks have nowhere to go this year, but it’s not for lack of trying. Lucky for us, however, rAge Expo is pushing ahead with an all-digital event for the first time ever

Obviously, this is nothing new by this stage of the pandemic. Many large expos and conferences have moved online, including Comic-Con South Africa. What makes this rAge great, however, is the fact that it doesn’t cost a cent to join in on the fun. Tickets are being given away for free. Probs because they don’t have to pay for the Ticketpro Dome this time around. 

Do a rAge

Even though it’s not situated in one place, rAge Digital Edition brings you the best of rAge packaged for your computer screen. Expect things like daily prize giveaways, Minecraft build challenges and community spotlights. 

On Friday, expect to learn more about a career in gaming in Africa in the Africa Games + Esports Careers Day. It’s a free event that’ll dive deeper into Africa’s games and esports industry from a career perspective. Also, see some angry bots at the World Robot Olympiad where South Africans will feature their futuristic tech solutions. Obviously, there’ll be a lot of esports, featuring the African Cyber Gaming League (ACGL), Ultimate Gaming Championships (UGCZA) and Mettlestate are hosting high-stakes esports tournaments with cash prizes ready for the winners. 

Contrary to anything anyone expected, there will also be a digital cosplay competition. Don’t even try to photoshop your face onto an animated character. Everyone will know. 

Along with a bunch of keynotes hosted by industry experts in South Africa (schedules can be checked here), rAge will be running an individual challenge for fans: “Fans will be challenged to complete 18 ‘bingo’ tasks (to celebrate rAge turning 18 of course!) on the BNG-0 MissionCard™ by rAge Systems, Inc. There are six winners per day so a total of 18 lucky participants can each win a cool prize,” the website reads. 

Honestly, this is the next best thing you could get bar a physical rAge event, which has been a pillar in the South African gaming and esports scene since it started 18 years ago. Sign up for your free ticket right here. They’re even giving away a Lenovo L340 notebook for one lucky visitor who signs up for the event. 


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