Apple will reveal its iPhone 13 lineup next week


It’s about that time of the year again, i-fans. Apple has revealed the date it’s planning to show off some new tech, likely in the form of the iPhone 13 and friends. According to a tweet and invites sent out to media, the event is scheduled for 14 September 2021 at 19:00 South African time. 

The event is titled “California streaming,” and will be another virtual broadcast from Apple Park, it’s the new normal, after all. 

Apple’s lucky 13

While we don’t know exactly what the company has planned for the event, we can expect to see some smartphones — September is when the company likes to show off its new mobile technology. This year it’s bound to be the iPhone 13, in keeping with naming conventions. 

We’re expecting to see a higher refresh rate on the displays (bless!), smaller notches and always-on display tech. Along with this previous leaks have indicated we may see a larger wireless charging coil and improved camera tech packed into the back. Apple’s been fairly good at delivering improved iPhone camera chops in recent years. 

The invite itself doesn’t allow for much interpretation nor does it drop any hints. The darkening skyscape may indicate the new range will feature improved night-mode capabilities — but even just that is a stretch. The glowy Apple logo may point to the always-on feature rumoured, so there’s that. 

Lucky for us, though, Greg Joswiak, Apple’s SVP of worldwide marketing, tweeted a teaser video detailing a bit more of the event. The video features an AR Apple logo, the same horizon seen in the static invite image, and a pan to the sky. This may indicate astrophotography capability? We’ll have to wait and see. Luckily 14 September isn’t that far off. See you then at 19:00

Source: The Verge


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