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Samsung’s foldable phone will most likely launch next year

The  company behind the ultimate slide phone, the Samsung E840, might launch the future equivalent next year — a foldable phone. And we’re not talking about an updated Motorola Razr, but rather a smartphone with a 7in touchscreen display… that folds in half. There has been a lot of speculation about Samsung’s foldable device in recent months, but this is the first information received ...[Read More]

A Samsung Galaxy S10 rumour round-up already? You betcha.

Around this time of the year, rumours start trickling in little by little, and we’re already receiving some juicy ones about the highly-anticipated Samsung Galaxy S10. We already know the Note 9 will be announced on 9 August in New York (we’ve collected all the rumours on that over here). Now, with the S10 on its way (it’ll probably only actually arrive in early 2019), the beauti...[Read More]

LG G7 ThinQ: An underdog that looks and feels like a flagship

Is it an iPhone X? Is it a Galaxy S9? No! It’s the new flagship in a series that you didn’t expect would make it this far. It’s the LG G7 ThinQ, set to come to South African shores in June. For the last several years LG has produced some adequate smartphones, but its smartphone portfolio has flown under most consumers’ radars.They cannot compete in the big leagues with Apple and Samsung (and...[Read More]

LG’s Q8 handset is all about screen and sound. Okay, and the camera

LG is doing what it always does and is making more affordable versions of their flagship smartphone for the year. The newest is the Q8, a phone that strips down a few specs while still offering users an excellent screen, sound playback, and, everyone’s favourite toy, a great camera. Except that the LG Q8 owes more than a little of its DNA to the V20, except that LG has taken away some of the...[Read More]

LG’s G6 MWC invitation drops unsubtle hints about the handset’s display

LG is trying to be secretive while teasing some of the features of the upcoming G6 flagship. The invitation for this year’s Mobile World Congress media event drops some hints as to the company’s main focus this year and it doesn’t look modular at all. Instead we can look forward to a “Big Screen” “That Fits”. Whatever that means. And, to be honest, we̵...[Read More]

Apple’s new 5K display could have its own GPU to support MacBooks

Apple has offered an iMac with a staggering 5K-resolution display since 2014 and also has 4K iMacs available, yet its standalone Thunderbolt Display still sits at 1440p – plenty sharp, but certainly lesser by comparison. However, a refresh seems imminent: retailers are starting to show limited stock of the five-year-old monitor, and 9to5Mac‘s sources claim that a much-improved standalo...[Read More]

Apple orders 100 million OLED iPhone screens for 2017, claims report

Rumours have mounted in recent months about Apple making a change from the typical LCD screens of the iPhone to an OLED display, and now a new report says that Apple has made its move. According to the report from the Korea Herald (via 9to5Mac), Apple has placed an order with Samsung Display to make 100 million 5.5in OLED screens starting in 2017. The report says that the deal will see 100 million...[Read More]

Why are flexible computer screens taking so long to develop?

It’s common to first see exciting new technologies in science fiction, but less so in stories about wizards and dragons. Yet one of the most interesting bits of kit on display at this year’s Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas was reminiscent of the magical Daily Prophet newspaper in the Harry Potter series. Thin, flexible screens such as the one showcased by LG could allow the creation o...[Read More]

HP’s new Spectre hybrids have seriously kick-ass screens

HP has kitted out its Spectre x360 hybrid laptop line-up with the cutting-edge in display tech. Well, until 8K arrives at least. There’s an entirely new 15in model which can be specced-up with a 4K screen, while the existing 13.3in convertible now has an optional OLED display. We’re not sure which model we’re most excited about, frankly. OLED screens have the deepest blacks in th...[Read More]

The Samsung Galaxy S7 will apparently have a curved screen as standard

The Samsung Galaxy S7 rumours have begun to pick up speed, and the latest whispers point to the death of the standard flat screen. Unlike the Galaxy S6 which launched in both regular and curved screen Edge variants, the Galaxy S7 will reportedly launch with the curved screen as standard, ditching the regular display altogether. The report, courtesy of Vietnamese site Samsung Viet, also claims that...[Read More]

LG investing in flexible OLED screens for cars, phones

LG’s G Flex devices should have been a pointer that the company is after flexible displays in a big way and their latest investment route should put that beyond doubt. The company, according to Yohnap News, has announced that they will be ramping up production of their flexible OLED displays. To achieve this LG will be investing some $90 million in the process, which will be used to create a...[Read More]

Apple is working on a pressure-sensitive screen that could make its way into the next iPad

According to the latest whispers to leave the iRumour mill, Apple could be looking to kit out its next iPad with a pressure-sensitive screen. A report picked up by Korean site ET News states that the new screen is made from a new material called silver nano wire (AgNW), instead of the current indium tin oxide (ITO) displays. TSP Industries is said to be developing the new screens in preparation fo...[Read More]

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