Sony’s new Spatial Reality Display wants to put (bloody expensive) holograms in your home


So much futuristic stuff has taken placed in recent years that the concept of a technology that isn’t fully ripe yet is a little hard to imagine. Especially when more and more tech is ripening and falling off the tree — like Sony’s new Spatial Reality Display, which aims to bring working holograms to the home and the workplace. It’s nice to see the company’s working on more than just TV sets.

Spatial Reality Display is hard to use in a subheading

So what is a Spatial Reality Display? It’s actually a rather old (technically-speaking) idea, where an image is created inside a screen in such a way that gives it depth. So it’s a little like a 3D image on a 2D screen, only the 3D part is behind the glass. That’s the basic idea behind Sony’s new 15.6in device.

Which might seem a little familiar, if you’re a gamer. See, Nintendo’s now-discontinued 3DS handheld games console did something very similar — it’s just a shame that the feature wasn’t more widely used by game developers (and gamers). Resident Evil: Revelations in 3D was a sight to behold. And, hopefully, so are the things seen in Sony’s Spatial Reality Display.

Basically, you’ll see a 3D picture behind the display, put there by the magic of lenticular lenses, head- and eye-tracking and stereoscopic 3D. But, like, expensive stereoscopic 3D, since Sony’s entry will start at the $5,000 (R83,000) mark. Which is cool and all but we’re going to need to see some sort of actual usage beyond ‘Man, this looks cool’ before putting down that kinda money.

If you want to check out Sony’s newest foray into the sort of strange displays for yourself, there’s an online event taking place next week on 22 October. Best of all, it seems that it’s open to everyone, so all you need to do is head here and register to secure your look at the Spatial Reality Display.


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