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Take your obsession to the next level with the hologram-featuring Assassin’s Creed Symphony

The Assassin's Creed series has been running, in multiple formats, since 2007. Twelve years is a long time to be doing anything and yet, Ubisoft have managed to find ways to keep players and fans engaged. Whether it's multiple platforms and game types, comic books and graphic novels, and even motion pictures, there's a lot of stuff out there for fans. And now there's one more: Assassin's Creed Sym...[Read More]

Holographic teachers were supposed to be part of our future. What happened?

Cast your mind back to the turn of last century. Experts predicted that by now classrooms would no longer feature human teachers, and holographic virtual entities would deliver lessons instead. This certainly hasn’t happened. The closest we have come is group video chat via apps like FaceTime, Zoom or Google Hangouts. But this doesn’t mean holograms aren’t part of our lives – they’re just marketed...[Read More]

Five surprising ways holograms are revolutionising the world

We seem to be fascinated by holograms or at least the promise of what they can do. Think the famous Princess Leia projection in Star Wars; holographic fashion shows in New York, Hamburg and Beijing; the massive success of synthetic pop star Hatsune Miku in Japan, or recent reports of holographic politicians in France. Technically, all of these are misrepresentations of holography – either special ...[Read More]

Holograms are no longer the future, but we must not forget them – here’s why

Stereoscopes entertained every Victorian home with their ability to produce three-dimensional pictures. Typewriters and later fax machines were once essential for business practices. Photo printers and video rentals came and went from high streets. When innovative technologies like these come to the end of their lives, we have various ways of remembering them. It might be through rediscovery – hip...[Read More]

Light Start – Zuck gets hacked, Star Wars hologram, toothbrush camera, and Uber late fees

Facebook’s Mark Zuckerburg’s Twitter, Pintrest accounts hacked Wait, isn’t Mark Zuckerburg the head of the largest social network in the world? One with a heavy emphasis on password security? Surely he wouldn’t muck around and choose a crappy social network password? Surely? Actually… yeah, he did. The damage isn’t severe, just a case of bruised pride as his Pin...[Read More]

Ultra-Light Start – Honda S2000, Steam removals, and a 3D hologram

Honda are supposedly bringing back the S2000, with a successor in development If you’ve been after a new Honda roadster then there may be some good news headed your way. The company is said to be resurrecting their S2000 two-seater, based on an apparent visit by Honda reps to an S2000 owner’s meeting in the UK. It’s mostly speculation at the moment but there’s talk of Honda...[Read More]

3D holograms have arrived. Sort of

Scotland-based artists Chris Helson and Sarah Jackets have created a 3D holographic video installation which allows you to watch the action from any direction. Named Help Me Obi (for hopefully obvious reasons), the installation is more of a 360 degree video system than a true hologram, although the videos still look like they’re floating in the middle of a room. Unlike actual 3D holograms wh...[Read More]

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