LG is developing sliding doors with OLED displays


The future should be a fun place. Flying cars, pills that make you live until you’re 150 and automatic sliding doors with screens on them. The first two might be some way off but that third innovation is closer than you think. LG has partnered with Assa Abloy Entrance Systems (what a name) to develop a range of doors just like the ones mentioned above. The automatic sliding doors will be mainly transparent but will feature an OLED display. These screens will be able to greet customers, display ads and show important messages.

Great, even our doors will start showing ads now.


LG sees right through you

It’s not the first time we’ve caught wind of LG’s fancy OLED displays. The company showed off a range of these transparent displays last year and has since begun to incorporate them into the windows of subway carriages in China. Which is pretty cool if you’re into a dystopian future where every surface is covered with adverts for some kind of cream that’s meant to bring your hair back so you can finally use that expensive hairdryer that’s sitting on the counter. Because you’re an optimist and young at heart, dammit.

LG certainly isn’t the first to begin experimenting and developing transparent screens. Earlier this year Xiaomi made a TV that you could see through, essentially defeating the point of owning a decent TV. Plenty of modern cars are also beginning to adopt and use transparent tech, especially when it comes to bonnets and heads-up display; this isn’t a new practice, Land Rover was doing that back in 2014.

When we can expect to see a proper commercial release of these automatic doors is still unknown but if they’re in development, once has to assume we’ll see them in the near future.

(Source: The Verge)


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