Fixing the iPhone 12’s Ceramic Shield display: How much it’ll cost


Looking at Apple’s recent iPhone 12 announcement, it seems the company has actively been working on mitigating the risk of a crack here and there. With its newly co-developed Ceramic Shield display, it is hoping larger cracks will be a thing of the past. Thing is… it can still break. And this is how much you’ll probably pay to fix one of those bad boys. 

One of the terrible responsibilities that come with owning our own little pocket computers/trackers is the maintenance cost. If you’re set with decent enough insurance on your smartphone, this shouldn’t be an issue. But come the day that you accidentally drop it and it falls at a weird angle, you’re thousands of rands poorer just to fix that brilliant slab of glass up front. 

Don’t drop that iPhone 12

For the iPhone 12 Pro, you’ll pay roughly the same as a new iPhone 11 Pro display costs at the moment. It is priced at $279 for our foreign friends, but in rands that’ll be upwards of R4,500. At eye-value, it’s priced fairly decently, seeing that the previous iPhone models don’t sport the ceramic coating punted by Apple this time around. 

But repairing the base iPhone 12 is more expensive than the current base iPhone 11, and it’ll cost the same as the iPhone 12 Pro as referenced above. Add the strange (and wild) increase of repairing “other damage” to $449 (upwards of R7,500) and you’re in for a crappy treat once your new iPhone breaks. 

We reckon the large price increase for the base iPhone’s display repair is the fact that, this time, you’re rocking an OLED and not an LCD. We’re pretty sure it’ll be worth it, and maybe these numbers will put you off handling your new piece of tech all willy-nilly. Look after your expensive stuff, is what we’re actually saying. 

Obviously, we’ll need confirmation from iStore South Africa for pricing on this once the devices land in the country. We’re also still waiting for pricing on the iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro. The other two, the iPhone 12 Mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max also haven’t been priced locally yet.

Source: The Verge



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