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You know how it is — you’ve got time on your hands and a freshly-created love of binge-watching brought on by too much Netflix and Showmax. When you can burn through an entire season in less than a day, what constitutes a challenge? How about the Most Ambitious Crossover Event in History™ — Phases One through Three of Disney and Marvel’s Marvel Cinematic Universe? All three phases have been completed and we’re about to segue into Phase Four.

And now, to get your hopes up here's Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order Here's something that we really, really want to be good. Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertainment have revealed their new Star Wars title, called Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. It's set to be a single-player game, minus micro-transactions, that'll be something different for

We’ve been expecting a late 2019 launch for Disney’s own streaming service, Disney+, for quite some time. Now Disney has made it official, with the service officially launching on 12 November this year. As for pricing, it’s going to cost just $6.99 (about R100) a month. But, before you get too excited, that launch date and pricing hasn’t been announced for South Africa. Yet.