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In a dark and secret lab, apps are being tweaked for the Apple Watch

The Apple Watch will be appearing soon it seems, with an event today, Monday 9th March, almost certainly focussing on its unveiling ahead of an April on-sale date. In the meantime, Apple has allowed partners to work on the apps for the watch at its headquarters. Social network giant Facebook has been spotted at Apple’s secret labs, along with BMW and United Continental Holdings, says Bloomberg. Th...[Read More]

Apple event dated for 9 March, likely to deliver final Apple Watch release details

Apple CEO Tim Cook confirmed late last month that the Apple Watch will ship in April, perhaps a tiny bit later than the original “early 2015” estimate. And now the company is gearing up to share the proper details. An event was just announced for 9 March at the Yerba Buena Center for the Arts in San Francisco, California, and Apple will also host one that evening at the Apple Store in Kurfürstenda...[Read More]

It’s official: Apple Watch will ship in April, says Tim Cook

First announced last year, the Apple Watch was initially pegged for an early 2015 release. Would it be a quick post-Christmas release in January, or was it going to be more like March? Speculation raged, as it always does, but now we have a better idea: turns out it’ll be April. Apple CEO Tim Cook has confirmed the month this evening in an earnings conference call, unfortunately offering up no oth...[Read More]

12 things WatchKit tells us about Apple Watch

Apple Watch is coming, but it’ll be a digital trinket without great apps. Fortunately, Apple’s developer resources are now live, providing insight into how the device will work should you strap one to your wrist. 1. IT’S MOSTLY ABOUT SIMPLICITY Apple’s guidelines emphasise the device’s personal, holistic, lightweight nature. It’s something “attuned to the wearer’s presence”, “[blurring] the ...[Read More]

Apple launches WatchKit, letting developers create Apple Watch apps

If you’re a fervent Apple fan eagerly awaiting the company’s first smartwatch in early 2015, take solace in the news that developers of all sorts can now code apps for the device. That’s thanks to WatchKit, the tools and tutorials package that Apple just launched to allow developers to take their existing iOS app experiences and loop in Apple Watch support, or even develop brand new iPhone apps th...[Read More]

Tim Cook on Apple Watch: “You’re going to wind up charging it daily”

Apple CEO Tim Cook doesn’t grant many interviews, so when he does take the hot seat there’s always a lot of interest in what he has to say. In this case – an on-stage grilling at the Wall Street Journal’s global tech conference – Cook spoke about the upcoming Apple Watch’s battery life, Apple Pay, the company’s plans to reinvent television and its attitude to customer privacy. Apple has been cagey...[Read More]

Apple Watch can control Apple TV, plus Tim Cook hints at other uses

Apple CEO Tim Cook spoke extensively with Bloomberg Businessweek for its latest issue, and now the full interview is on the web – with a few choice bits on the Apple Watch included. One interesting feature is the ability to control your Apple TV directly from the watch, so you don’t have to worry about misplacing the tiny remote or finding your nearest iOS device. And Cook teased much more f...[Read More]

What Apple Watch can tell us about iPhone 7 and iPad Air 3

On September 9, Apple announced Apple Watch, its latest new product line. Stuff has played with the new device, and came to the conclusion that while it’s probably not revolutionary solely from a hardware standpoint, Apple’s software, ambition and partnerships could make it the device that brings the smartwatch to the masses. It could also be what brings new thinking to existing iOS devices in a s...[Read More]

Apple Watch: 11 things you need to know

The Apple iWatch is dead – long live the Apple Watch! Apple’s “one more thing” at its special launch event turned out to be its first piece of wearable technology – and it’s quite the stunner. So without further ado, here are the main things you need to know about the Apple Watch. 1. There are three Apple Watches, not just one Pay attention, folks. There’s the Apple Watch (made of stainless steel)...[Read More]

Aaaaand the Apple Watch is actually a thing

Apple’s pulled a fast one on everyone, not by not announcing their own smartwatch but by calling it the Apple Watch rather than dropping an ‘i’ in front of it. But yes, there is a smartwatch from Apple on the way. The Apple Watch looks to be something that we’d like to get our hands on, as if there was every any doubt, with extensive app support being a feature. The display...[Read More]

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