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Tap your phone to pay with FNB’s updated banking app and FNB Pay

First National Bank (FNB) has unveiled version 5.0 of its mobile banking app. It’s actually about the 50th iteration of the service, but it’s the five-year anniversary of the mobile app, so FNB figured it made for a snappy name. The new app includes support for a new service called FNB Pay, the ability to use fingerprint sensors on select smartphones as an identity verification mechani...[Read More]

Download macOS Sierra now for free and start telling your Mac what to do

Apple’s latest version of its desktop operating system, macOS Sierra, is now available to regular users like us, and not just to those brave souls known as developers who kick the tyres of the pre-release versions so we don’t have to. Want to try it out? Head over to this link to download and install it. So, what’s changed? For a start, Apple’s digital, personal voice assis...[Read More]

Meet the Fitbit Charge 2 and Flex 2

We’ve worn almost every major fitness tracker on the market, and keep coming back to the Fitbit Charge HR because of its understated design, simple interface and intuitive app. Now Fitbit has announced its successor, the Charge 2, alongside a new entry-level unit, the Fitbit Flex 2. The Charge 2 will go on sale in South Africa this month for R3,000 with the Flex 2 set to follow in October, p...[Read More]

The best bits of macOS Sierra

So long OS X, Apple’s renamed its desktop operating system macOS and introduced the follow-up to El Capitan, macOS Sierra. Like iOS 10, which was announced alongside it at WWDC 2016, the new OS will only arrive for the general public in spring. Those who want early access can register for the public beta, though, and start fiddling with it next month. Whether you’re an early adopter (y...[Read More]

The five best new features of Apple WatchOS 3.0

As expected, the big update to Apple’s watch operating system was revealed on stage at WWDC today, and there’s lots to get excited about if you’re already an Apple Watch wearer in WatchOS 3.0. Watch your Activity According to Apple, it’s exercise that really gets Apple Watch users excited, and it’s set to get even better with WatchOS 3.0. Not longer do you need to set...[Read More]

How Apple Watch and pervasive computing can lure you into leveling up your fitness

Hello, my name is Michael, and I’m a Ring Addict. No, not the one ring from “Lord of the Rings”; not the cheap costume jewelry you get at the local Renaissance Fair. I’m talking about the red, green and blue rings that adorn my Apple Watch, tracking how much I move, exercise and stand. For the last five months, I’ve worked daily to meet those magical milestones that appear on my watch face, culmin...[Read More]

Fitbit Blaze – A few good reasons to Blaze it

Here we are in May and still the Stuff team’s kinda working on its fitness. Still. To be fair, the sudden cold snap has made us all want to hibernate somewhere warm, but we’re also still pounding the pavement and parking further away from the mall entrance than necessary in order to rack up the steps. It helps to have gadgetry, like the Fitbit Blaze, to keep us motivated. You might rem...[Read More]

Apple announces 21 March event, likely for 4in iPhone and smaller iPad Pro

The months of rumours and reports have all led to this: Apple has officially announced an event for 21 March, exactly as predicted last month. And we suspect much of the other building speculation will pan out, as well. Apple has sent out invitations to the event to media organisations, with an image featuring the phrase, “Let us loop you in.” The company’s taglines sometimes tea...[Read More]

Wearables in the workplace? PwC says we want ’em despite privacy concerns

If your employer bought you a smartwatch or other wearable and used the data to make your working conditions better would you be willing to don it? Research and consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC) says almost three quarters of South African employees it surveyed say they would. PwC quizzed more than 2,283 working SA adults online (an equal gender split across those surveyed and with 51% o...[Read More]

iPad Air 3 and new Apple Watch band options coming in March

We’ve expected this for a while now, but more and more little details keep being added to the big picture: after skipping a late-2015 release, Apple’s iPad Air 3 is expected to debut in March and go on sale soon thereafter. Like its predecessors, the iPad Air 3 will be a standard-sized model with a 9.7in display, although it’s not yet clear which enhancements we should expect bey...[Read More]

No Apple Watch 2 until Sept, claims report, but new bands due in March

With rare exception, Apple’s iPhone and iPad annual revision cycle continues ahead as scheduled, but that may not apply to the Apple Watch: a new report claims we won’t see a sequel to mark its one-year anniversary. That’s according to Mark Gurman of 9to5Mac, who has a new report out claiming that a second-generation Apple Watch model is currently planned to release in spring ins...[Read More]

Transform your Apple Watch into Fallout’s Pip-Boy 3000 in one easy step

With Fallout 4 less than a week away, our thoughts are starting to turn to all things cheerily post-apocalyptic: Nuka-Cola, plummy-accented butler robots, and Pip-Boy 3000s. Yes, the iconic wrist-mounted computer is one of the things that makes Fallout, well, Fallout. And while quick-witted (and deep-pocketed) continental US-based fans could get their hands on a pretty amazing replica by pre-order...[Read More]

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