Being more cryptic than usual, Apple’s ‘Time Flies’ event set to kick off on 15 September


Okay, okay, so Apple’s event announcement wasn’t bang-on 15:00 yesterday but we got there eventually. Apple’s next (live-streamed) reveal is set for next week (totally called it), but it has been titled the ‘Time Flies’ event — which it seems nobody was expecting.

New phone? Who dis?

And that’s because the Time Flies tagline doesn’t seem to have an awful lot to do with the new iPhone. Apple’s not talking but speculation is that next week’s event will see the Apple Watch Series 6 front and centre, with an update for the Series 3 possibly also being on the cards. It’s just a little weird though.

Apple’s newest iPhones are definitely going to be delayed, however, so that might explain why the weird event. Or, perhaps, Apple’s revealing something unusual about their new iPhones that’ll make the tagline make sense. That’s less likely but, knowing Apple, we can’t rule it out. The company’s supposed to have four new iPhones, a new Homepod, an updated iPad Air and a new earphone update waiting in the wings and its September event is usually where most of these things appear. Maybe the company has found some way to time-travel and skip this absolute abomination of a year — that’d be a Time Flies worth tuning in for.

Apple’s event, whatever it winds up revealing, will kick off 15 September at 18:00 here in South Africa. As usual, we’ll be tuning in and bringing you everything from the event. You’ll be able to get all the news here or direct from Apple as the stream goes on.


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