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Even if you hate them, the promo video for the Apple Watch Series 5 will make you want one

Apple's Watch Series 5, revealed at last night's ("yesterday morning's", if you're Stateside) annual event, wants to wow you with its capabilities. Apple itself wants to wow you even more. As part of the presentation, a video breaking down what the new wristwear is capable of was shown.

Light Start – Apple Watch and your heart, Endgame, James Gunn returns, and battle royale (with cars)

This week in Light Start, we've got an Apple Watch study, James Gunn returns for Guardians 3, the newest Avengers: Endgame trailer, and Notmycar.

These are iStore’s Black Friday deals

iStore has unveiled its Black Friday 2018 specials, and they include special pricing for everything from iPhones and Apple Watches to MacBooks and even DJI drones. If you’re not one to deal with crowds you’ll be pleased to know the iStore’s deals are available online on the day too. Another upshot is that the specials are available from Friday 23 November (D-day) to Sunday 25 November,...[Read More]

Beta yourself: iOS 12

The latest version of Apple’s mobile OS looks much like the old one, but it has plenty of new features – Stuff shows you where to find them, and how to make the most of the best bits. The basics Start using Siri: Siri’s more powerful in iOS 12, learning your habits and making lock-screen suggestions. Often, though, you’ll have to manually manage its capabilities. Luckily, doing so is simple. In Se...[Read More]

We unbox the new iPhone XS and Apple Watch Series 4

Unboxing videos are one of the curiosities of the internet. For reasons that largely elude us, people seem to love them. Maybe it’s the vicarious equivalent of unwrapping presents on your birthday. Maybe it’s the thrill that only well-designed packaging can deliver. Or maybe the internet is just a strange place and we shouldn’t overthink things. Whatever the reason, we’ve g...[Read More]

WatchOS 5 is available alongside iOS 12 today and here’s what you need to know

In the wake of iOS 12 landing for the bigger devices, Apple is updating software for the Apple Watch to WatchOS 5. The update features walkie-talkie capabilities, the ability to listen to podcasts, and brings Siri closer to you… WatchOS 5 will only work with Apple Watch Series 2 and later, and you’ll need to make sure the connected Apple device is updated to iOS 12 (if you still need to do the sof...[Read More]

Should you upgrade to an Apple Watch Series 4?

Apple’s made some pretty big improvements to its Watch lineup over the years, adding features such as waterproofing and 4G connectivity to its wearable (assuming you live in country that supports eSIMs, unlike South Africa). But the design of the watch itself has remained broadly the same during that time. With Series 4, Apple has overhauled the Watch with new sizes, increased screen space, ...[Read More]

Fitbit’s got two new devices, the Ace and Versa, and is adding menstrual tracking to its software

Wearables company Fitbit has announced two new devices, the Versa smartwatch and the Ace fitness tracker for children. The Versa is a pared-down version of the Ionic smartwatch while the Ace is a fitness tracking wristband that resembles the Alta, but is aimed at children. Fitbit has also announced a new version of its smartwatch operating system, Fitbit OS 2.0, that’ll bring new features li...[Read More]

Fitbit Ionic’s Adidas Edition is coming later this month

Apple and Samsung, Windows and Mac, BMW and Merc, Nike and Adidas, Marmite eaters and rational humans: The world is full of intensive rivalries. And rivals like nothing more than sticking it to each other. So when Fitbit announced its Apple Watch challenger, the Ionic, last year it was no surprise when it added that an Adidas Edition would follow down the line. Now we’ve got a date to diaris...[Read More]

You can buy the Apple Watch Series 3 in SA on 20 October

Hot on the heels of announcing that the iPhone 8 goes on sale in South Africa on 20 October, the iStore has revealed that the Apple Watch Series 3 will go on sale the same day. Got a current Apple Watch and want to upgrade it? You can can get up to R1,000 cash back by trading it in or upgrading through Discovery’s Vitality Active Rewards programme. And, if you go for an iPhone 8 upgrade, too...[Read More]

Light Start – Return of SpaceX, Elago W3, DB11 exploded engine, Nintendo Switch for parents

SpaceX returns to space, launches ten satellites and then nails the landing You know what they say — if your rocket blows up, you need to get right back onto it again. Or is that horses? Wait, horses don’t blow up. The point stands though. SpaceX, which suffered a setback in 2016 when one of their rockets went boom on the launchpad (taking Facebook’s own satellite with it), has m...[Read More]

12 tips and tricks to master Apple Watch and watchOS 3

So you’re buying yourself a shiny new Apple Watch Series 2 or have upgraded your slightly less shiny and new Apple Watch Series 1 to watchOS 3. You might even have some lovely apps installed. Now what? Simple: now you read our tips about how to get the most from your wrist-based pride and joy, by way of cunning settings, handy new gestures, and partying like it’s Newton o’ clock. DOCK IT TO ’EM St...[Read More]

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