A camera for your Apple Watch? Check out the Wristcam


The Apple Watch is a great little piece of hardware but one avenue where it certainly doesn’t hold up is photography. Apple stuffed so much tech into the wrist-mounted device but there’s no camera, a non-problem that the Wristcam is looking to fix. It’s really just a strap equipped with front facing and rear cameras but what’s wild is that it’s been in development since 2016, so it’s nice that it’s seeing the light of day.

The Wristcam’s rear future is 8MP and while that doesn’t sound all that impressive, it can take 1080p video and capture stills in 4K. As for the front facing camera, that’s only shooting at 2MP which is fairly acceptable given the amount of space the designers had to work with. It also supports live-streaming functions so you can feel like a proper spy right out of Her Majesty’s Secret Service.


The Wristcam is not the worst cam

The developers of the Wristcam sent out some shots of the camera and while they’re certainly not the quality of an iPhone 12 camera, they’re not half bad either. Little bit grainy and the details kinda fuzzy but considering what the device is working with, consider us impressed.

The device will attach to your Apple Watch but will still require a separate charge as it runs on its own battery. Having said that, the Wristcam is expected to last around a day off a single charge. In terms of internals, it feature 8GB of storage space and will connect to the Apple Watch with Bluetooth Low Energy. Or, you could connect it to your phone via Bluetooth 4.2, 5.0, and Wi-Fi.

The best part of the whole thing is that the Wristcam is designed to be as minimalist as possible. Only weighing 23g and controlled with a single multi-function button, it’s meant to be an extension of the Apple Watch rather than a full blown accessory.

If you’re wanting one of these Wristcams, you might need to wait. Stock is already all booked for December but there are still units “Available now for January delivery” according to the product’s website. You might need to import them as they’re not available in South Africa so that makes the price tag of $300 (or R4,567) a little unappealing.

(Source: The Verge)


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