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Kodak used to have its own nuclear reactor

Kodak is perhaps the only camera company that has had a fully-functional nuclear reactor on their premises, a fact that was recently uncovered. The situation may not be unique but if any other company has access to one they’re not telling anyone about it. The nuclear reactor which was until 2006 concealed in a basement at Kodak’s Rochester, New York facility was revealed by the Democra...[Read More]

Google vs. Oracle patent phase finishes today

The legal teams representing both Google and Oracle will be presenting their closing arguments for the second phase of the case which aims to determine whether Google infringed on Oracle’s copyright when the Android OS was developed. Oracle has already won a few small victories but the case has not developed as they had hoped. The jury in the first phase of the trial found that Google had in...[Read More]

Google and Twitter questioned regarding Facebook’s Instagram purchase

Google and Twitter have been approached by the US Federal Trade Commision (FTC) regarding Facebook’s recent $1 billion Instragram purchase according to a report from Reuters, which cited a source familiar with the probe. It was not immediately clear what information the FTC was seeking from the two companies, the source said, but it is customary for the FTC to review purchases that are over ...[Read More]

Facebook co-founder renounces US citizenship

Facebook co-founder Eduardo Saverin has renounced his US citizenship ahead of the company’s upcoming IPO (initial public offering) which is set to happen this Friday. Saverin, who is originally from Brazil, started the process of renouncing his citizenship in September last year but this was only made public when America’s IRS released a list of Americans who were giving up their citiz...[Read More]

Yahoo CEO Scott Thompson resigns

Yahoo’s (now former) CEO Scott Thompson has resigned, citing “personal reason” for leaving the company after only six months at the helm. His resignation comes on the heels of claims that he had falsified his resume, leading to the Yahoo board looking into his credentials. Sources speaking to AllThingsD have said that Thompson will be claiming that he is leaving due to a recently...[Read More]

Mirrors – now powered by Android

Android has spread its tendrils cover much of the connected world but this is probably the first time that bathroom accessories have been touched by Google’s OS. Japanese company Seraku has demonstrated an Android-powered mirror at Smartphone and Mobile Expo, seen by The Verge, that the company apparently hopes will be utilised at hairdressing salons and pubs. It uses a concealed Android tab...[Read More]

RIM secures US Department of Defense approval

Research in Motion (RIM) announced yesterday that the company’s BlackBerry 7 smartphone have gotten the nod from the United States Department of Defense (DoD) and have been added to the military’s Unified Communications Approved Product List. The Bold 9900 and 9930, Torch 9810, 9850 and 9860 and the Curve 9360 have all been approved for use on DoD networks following testing in Army lab...[Read More]

Facebook tests charging for ‘highlighted’ posts – report

Facebook is reportedly testing whether it would be possible to make money by charging users to ‘highlight’ certain posts according to a report from The feature, where Facebook makes a user’s post more visible on their friend’s Timelines, is apparently being trialled in New Zealand. Facebook spokeswoman Mia Garlick is quoted as saying “We’re constant...[Read More]

Motorola patenting anti-smudge display

Motorola Mobility has been hold out on us. The company quietly filed a new patent application in January this year concerning a smudge-free display for mobile devices. The patent covers: “A device comprising: a display comprising a transparent layer having a viewable surface; electronic circuitry to present information to the display; and a plurality of pedestals formed on the viewable surfa...[Read More]

Japan service provider experimenting with blimp-based emergency cellular coverage

Softbank, which is responsible for Japan’s third-largest cellular network, is exploring the usage of antennae-wielding blimps to provide emergency cellular coverage in disaster areas. The company has said that they will use blimps filled with helium and suspended at a height of about 100 metres to deploy a radius about three kilometres worth of coverage. The blimps would support two antennae...[Read More]

Google, Mozilla concerned over browsers in Windows RT

Mozilla have registered their concerns over the upcoming ARM-specific Windows RT OS, which will reportedly only fully support Microsoft’s Internet Explorer. The Firefox developer has called for Microsoft to allow alternate browsers on the ARM-based system, a call which Google has echoed. The two companies would be able to release a browser for the RT operating system but the software will be...[Read More]

Google overhauls Google+ for iPhone, Android has to wait

Google has released a tweaked version of Google+ for the iPhone, saying that they are “embracing the sensor-rich smartphone (with its touchable screen and high-density display), and transforming Google+ into something more intimate, and more expressive.” New fonts, larger profile images and a revamped home screen form part of the changes to the mobile app. Several other visual alterati...[Read More]

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