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Every third PC in the US and Western Europe suffered online attacks in first half of 2012

Researchers at Kaspersky Labs have released data on cybercrime in the States and Western Europe, showing in their analysis that one in three computers in those areas was subjected to an online attack in the first half of this year. 33.4% of online computer users in the stated areas were attacked at least once during the first six months of 2012, with Italy and Spain being the worst affected. More ...[Read More]

African News Innovation Challenge finalists announced

Finalists have been announced for the inaugural African News Innovation Challenge (ANIC), a digital media initiative that carries a total award of $1 million in grants. Forty finalists have been listed out of a field of 513, narrowing down those most likely to strengthen and transform African digital news media. According to the African Media Initiative (AMI), the group behind the ANIC, the finali...[Read More]

Google assists in getting Alan Turing Monopoly board game launched

Google has helped to get an Alan Turing edition of the Monopoly board game launched. The Turing edition was designed by mathematician Max Newman’s son William and the Bletchley Park Trust and was put together by custom board-game maker Winning Moves. Turing was fascinated by the board game and was convinced that there was a code-based tactic to playing and winning at Monopoly, though he was ...[Read More]

Fujitsu building software robot, forcing it to take exams

Fujitsu announced today that the company will be leading a project to create an artificial intelligence capable of passing the mathematics section of the entrance exam for Japan’s Tokyo University. There are several steps that need to be taken in order to achieve the goal by 2021, which is when the researchers hope to have the project completed. The AI will have to process a test as humans r...[Read More]

Apple likely to have a hard time invalidating HTC patents, could lead to iPhone, iPad ban in US

A US trade judge has hinted that Apple will have difficulties invalidating patents owned by HTC in an ongoing legal battle, possibly opening the door for a US import ban on Apple’s iPhone and iPad devices, according to a Bloomberg report. Judge Thomas Pender said last week that he has to “…be pretty darn certain a U.S. patent is invalid” while referring to the legal standar...[Read More]

Sony’s RX1 compact full-frame camera images leak

Photos of Sony’s compact full-frame RX1 camera have leaked out with pictures of the shooter turning up amid images of a bundle of other Sony cameras, including the NEX–6 and the A99 full-frame SLR. Some details can be gleaned from the images, such as the 35mm f/2.0 lens which doesn’t appear to be detachable. While the probable lack of interchangeable lenses seems depressing, the ...[Read More]

E-ink reading revolution here

Later this week will bring the culmination of the worst period of my year – iPhone season. Apple is expected on Wednesday to announce the launch of the keenly awaited, much-hyped, much-over-speculated-on iPhone 5. We’ve been through weeks of breathless speculation about the supposedly larger screen, the new 19-pin dock, the whatever. Apple, which invented the art of the magical revelat...[Read More]

Apple reducing Samsung’s role in supply chain – reports

Several reports have surfaced citing supply chain sources who say that Apple is reducing the number and type of components being ordered for iOS devices from Samsung. Reuters claims that Apple has been cutting orders for memory chips to the Korean company, with the source saying “Samsung is still in the list of initial memory chip suppliers (for new iPhones). But Apple orders have been trend...[Read More]

Microsoft’s Bing asks users to ‘Bing it on’ in blind head-to-head challenge with Google

Microsoft has got a promotional challenge going, based off a study that the company has done, which invites internet users to “Bing it on”. The challenge involves heading to the promotional website and entering five search terms. The results, stripped of all advertisements and other identifying content, for both Google and Bing are displayed side by side and users need to select whethe...[Read More]

Amazon’s three new Kindle Fires, Kindle Paperwhite unveiled

Amazon has gone and unveiled three new models of their Kindle Fire tablet at yesterday’s Santa Monica event, along with a brand new tablet called the Kindle Paperwhite. On the Fire front, the three new models cover variable screen sizes from 7″ to 8.9″. The 8.9″ Kindle Fire HD sports a 1920 x 1200 display and comes in two flavours. The cheaper of the two, clocking in at $29...[Read More]

Apple said to be considering its own streaming music service

Apple is looking into creating their own streaming music service, according to a report from the Wall Street Journal. Citing “people familiar with the matter” the reports says that the proposed service would be along the lines of existing service Pandora, supported by ads. Tech website AllThingsD has outlined that Cupertino could very easily enter this market space, saying that Apple c...[Read More]

Simfy is a stream dream

Streaming is the future of music. Until now, we had to take that statement as pronounced fact, looking on while the developed world pranced in joy at being able to use Spotify, the poster child of this new range of services. But now, a local service has launched, called Simfy Africa, which offers much the same, at the dazzlingly low rate of R60 a month. Like Spotify, it allows you to rent music th...[Read More]

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