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Stuff South Africa's online editor and print assistant editor, Brett Venter has churned out more words on more titles than most journalists will in a career. He's kind of shy.

Toshiba launching Kira ultrabook with 22 hour battery in Japan

Some countries get to have all the fun, with tech that we might never see this side of the world. Toshiba will be launching a new ultrabook in Japan tomorrow that will feature an estimated battery life of 22 hours on a single charge. The device, the Dynabook KIRA V654, will have a non-touchscreen 13-inch 1,366 x 768 display and it’ll be a lightweight as well, weighing just 1.12kg. There̵...[Read More]

Valve to demo VR prototype at Steam Dev Days

Valve’s digital distribution platform Steam will be host its annual Dev Days event in mid-January next year and they’ve got an interesting crop of items on the menu for the developer conference. Chief among these are two presentations dealing with the company’s approach to virtual reality, one of which will feature a VR prototype that the company has developed. A session called W...[Read More]

Hyundai to launch hydrogen fuel cell powered vehicle in 2014

South Korean vehicle manufacturer Hyundai will be releasing a car next year that will run on hydrogen fuel cells, claims an Associated Press report. The vehicle, destined for launch in the US, will be a Tuscon SUV and it will be the first commercially available car of its type to become available in that country. More details regarding the hydrogen-powered Hyundai Tuscon are expected to become ava...[Read More]

Qualcomm’s Toq to enter the smartwatch arena in early December

Sony and Samsung have their smartwatches in the market, the Pebble is doing well and Apple is widely expected to take a shot at releasing a wearable computing device soon so who’s left? Qualcomm seems to be the next in line and they’ve given details on when their Toq smartwatch will be hitting stores. The Toq is due to launch on 2 December and it will set buyers back $350 (R3,550) when...[Read More]

South African tombstone theft prevention (yes, really) takes the SMS road

South Africa has long had issues with interesting thefts but the newest spate of crime in Johannesburg involves tombstones going missing, according to a report from the Associated Press. It’s not really a crime wave but the AP report says that 20 tombstones a month are being stolen from cemeteries around Johannesburg. A method of combating the problem, involving embedded microchips fitted wi...[Read More]

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch gets notifications improvements

Samsung’s Galaxy Gear smartwatch, at launch, didn’t have much in the way of notification support for the Galaxy Note 3 handset. It was there, it just wasn’t very comprehensive. But that seems to have changed in places, according to a report from SamMobile. Samsung’s device will be getting (or has gotten, in some places) an update to both the Gear Manager app for the Note 3 ...[Read More]

The PlayStation 4’s first full day sees 1 million consoles shifted

Sony’s initial launch  in North America and Canada saw sales of their new PlayStation 4 console topping 1 million units sold. Those aren’t bad Day One numbers for any gaming console, especially when you consider that the launch wasn’t a global one. PlayStation 4 launches in Europe at the end of November and the mid-December launches in other locations (SA included) should see tho...[Read More]

Sony teases Uncharted for PlayStation 4

Don’t get too excited about a new Uncharted just yet, Sony have released a video teaser for the next incarnation of the game which is set to release on the PlayStation 4. And by teaser we mean ‘doesn’t-show-any-game-visuals’. The next game in the series will be a tale of revenge, if the voiceover in the video (which sounds nothing like series protagonist Nathan Drake) is an...[Read More]

November’s giveaway Round 2 – Win a Canon IXUS 132

Our first winner has won but that’s no reason for our other entrants to lose heart. Stuff has got one other camera to give away in the month of November and while this one is also from Canon, it’s a little different. Up for grabs is one of Canon’s IXUS 132 compact shooters, featuring a 16 megapixel CCD image sensor with a DIGIC 4 image processor. The IXUS 132 features an 8x optic...[Read More]

Who just won a Canon A3400 IS?

At the beginning of this month we gave readers a chance to win one of Canon’s PowerShot A3400 IS point-and-shoot cameras and the time has come to tell you all who the winner is. Before we get to the good stuff, as always, here is some detail on how the competition draw works. Winner’s names are drawn randomly by a computer which discards multiple instances of the same details so multiple ent...[Read More]

Samsung to unveil a wraparound display next year – report

Samsung will be releasing a new sort of display on a Galaxy smartphone next year reports Bloomberg. The display will be a “three-sided” panel which wraps around the sides of the phone, allowing messages to be seen from several angles according to the anonymous sources cited in the article. Samsung has already unveiled the Galaxy Round handset and the upcoming display will apparently be...[Read More]

See LG’s G Flex repairing itself after a tussle with a wire brush

We’ve known since LG made the official announcement that upcoming curved G Flex smartphone would be able to repair itself. We just haven’t seen it in action (until now), though video has previously surfaced of the G Flex er… flexing. LG have released an official video showing off the self-healing feature of the handset, demonstrating it side-by-side with a conventional smartphone...[Read More]

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