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Brett Venter

Stuff South Africa's online editor and print assistant editor, Brett Venter has churned out more words on more titles than most journalists will in a career. He's kind of shy.

Disney’s Star Wars: Attack Squadrons will be free-to-play, beta planned for 2014

Disney’s acquisition of the Star Wars license might have led to the gaming world being stripped of access to games based on the Force but there’s a new, free-to-play, game on the horizon from the company that isn’t being made by Electronic Arts. Called Star Wars: Attack Squadrons, is based around dogfights in space, using the iconic X-Wing and TIE fighter spacecraft. The game wil...[Read More]

Facebook’s auto-play video function will enter testing for advertisers soon

It was almost exactly a year ago that Stuff first heard that Facebook had designs on video advertisements that would automatically begin playing when users logged into their Facebook accounts. The company has been testing the viability of automatically playing videos since September this year and the first ads will be rolling out to users soon. The social network still considers the first video ad...[Read More]

See China’s Chang’e 3 spacecraft touching down on lunar soil

China’s mission to the moon came to a successful conclusion over the weekend and there is footage floating about of the landing itself, taken from the Chang’e 3 spacecraft that touched down on Saturday night. The video above was captured by China’s lander on approach to the touchdown zone. You’ll see sections of the moon’s landscape before the craft hovers and then se...[Read More]

Apple’s iPad mini with Retina display priced, landing in SA tomorrow

South African distributor of Apple products Core Group have just announced the pricing and release date for Apple’s iPad mini with Retina display for this country. The launch date is just around the corner, the devices should be available from tomorrow, 18 December. It may be cutting it a little close for Christmas shopping and hopefully your budget will stretch to fit – the pricing fo...[Read More]

Chip-maker ARM looks to improve its game by purchasing graphics company Geomerics

Chip manufacturer ARM has purchased a graphics company called Geomerics in a bid to improve the graphics technology that appears inside their mobile processors. Geomerics announced the acquisition via their website, issuing a statement for customers who will of course be curious about how this will affect the company. Engadget points out that Geomerics isn’t really a household name in gaming...[Read More]

A brief look at Valve’s SteamOS

Stuff Magazine has yet to play with Valve’s very own operating system, the beta of which released just when Valve said it would. That doesn’t mean we won’t be looking it over but in the meantime, for those who are considering whether to make the jump to some Linux-powered living-room gaming early on, tech website Ars Technica has got a video tour of the new OS that gives an overv...[Read More]

Google acquires robotics company Boston Dynamics

Google already has several other robotics companies at their command, now they have added agile robot manufacturer Boston Robotics to the list of facilities and companies that they own. Boston Dynamics, home of the Cheetah, Atlas, BigDog and Wildcat robots, will soon be making robots for Google following the announcement last week that the search company has completed its acquisition of the compan...[Read More]

Your second chance at winning an LG G2 smartphone starts now

LG’s G2 smartphone has impressed Stuff Magazine across the board, being perhaps the best handset we’ve every encountered. So we thought it would be a nice idea to give a few of them away. Four, to be exact, and there are still three to go. We have one more LG G2 to give away in December and there are another two reserved for January. Our first winner has already been announced and the ...[Read More]

Someone is getting an early Christmas thanks to Stuff and LG’s G2 smartphone

At the end of November we gave Stuff Magazine readers the chance to win one of four LG G2 handsets. At last, the day has come where we get to announce our first lucky winner – one of the quartet who will have this amazing smartphone delivered to their homes. But before we get to the good stuff, as always, here is some detail on how the competition draw works. Winner’s names are drawn randoml...[Read More]

Just when you thought they couldn’t 3D print anything else, along comes direct bone printing

It might look like a cross between a prison tattoo gun and an IV but researchers at the University of Wollongong in Australia, led by Professor Gordon Wallace, have come up with a device that will allow doctors and surgeons to 3D-print bone directly onto patients. The device, called the BioPen, is different from other methods of 3D bone printing in that it is able to add sections of material that ...[Read More]

NASA’s Valkyrie is a “superhero robot” that is covered in cameras

NASA has got its sights firmly set on a manned mission to Mars in the very near future and creations like the Valkyrie 1, which is described by Project and Group Lead at NASA’s Dextrous Robotics Lab Nicolaus Radford as a “superhero robot”, will be instrumental in paving the way for human explorers. The Valkyrie robot is being designed to be a self-contained unit, carrying its own...[Read More]

NASA is also testing a VTOL spacecraft

SpaceX’s vertical takeoff and landing Grasshopper rocket has been performing well but the private space company isn’t the only one experimenting with VTOL spacecraft. NASA’s Morpheus lander has similar capabilities and has just completed its first successful free flight test. The lander lifts off to a height of about 50 feet, traverses sideways and then touches down without a hit...[Read More]

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